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How to Care for your Menstrual Cup


Caring for and cleaning your menstrual cup is easy! With proper care, your cup can last for many years making it a worthy investment.

In this blog, we are giving you tips to help you care for your menstrual cup.


Inserting the cup

It’s very important that you do no use any type of lubricant to help with insertion of your menstrual cup. You should only use water to assist you, as lubricants can damage the integrity of the cup. Your menstrual blood should act as a lubricant, helping make insertion easier.


Cleaning your menstrual cup

Before you use your menstrual cup, you MUST boil it to sterilise it and give it a thorough clean. Simply place the menstrual cup in an open pot of boiling water for a maximum of 10 minutes (ensure the cup is fully immersed). When your period has finished, make sure you repeat this procedure to give your cup a thorough clean ahead of your next period.


Keeping your menstrual cup clean during your period

Before inserting your menstrual cup, wash your hands thoroughly with warm water and soap to ensure your hands are clean.

When it’s time to empty your menstrual cup, remove it and tip the contents down the toilet. Before re-inserting the cup, rinse it in a sink (if available) with warm water and an oil-free and fragrance-free soap. If using soap, rinse the cup thoroughly to ensure there is no soap left before re-inserting to prevent irritation. Find out why your vagina wants you to use fragrance-free products here.

If you do not have access to a sink or the sink is in a public space, take a water bottle into the toilet and rinse your menstrual cup using this water. Alternatively, wipe your cup clean with toilet roll until you have access to a sink.

You can also empty your menstrual cup in the shower if you would prefer to do so.


Storing your cup

In between periods, ensure you are storing your menstrual cup in a safe space and somewhere breathable. Our menstrual cups come with an organic cotton drawstring bag for safekeeping. Do not store the cup in things such as a plastic bag or tupperware. These methods of storage allow bacteria to grow as there is no airflow.


Carrying your cup around

Try to only carry your menstrual cup around if you are on your period or expecting the arrival of your period. You can carry around organic tampons or pads if you worry you could come on unexpectedly. This is because it increases the risk of you losing your menstrual cup or it getting dirty. Remember these are made to last many years! Follow the same steps with storage, and carry your cup around in something breathable.

We hope these tips have helped you with any questions you may have had about caring for your menstrual cup! Catch up on our blog with lots of info on folding a menstrual cup here.

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