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Why Subscribe?

Never want to be without your organic cotton period care? Here’s where our top rated subscription service comes in.

Organic period care, on the regular

Life’s busy and it’s easy to find yourself in that all too familiar situation. You know the one, where your period turns up and you’re all out of tampons and pads.

Good news, our organic cotton period care is available on subscription. We’ll deliver your favourite products to your door in line with your menstrual cycle.

" I know I'll always have tampons/pads every month before my period starts thanks to the subscription service!"
- Customer Review

Here’s why you’ll love being a TOTM subscriber:

  • You pick the products, the time and the place and we’ll keep you stocked up with planet-friendly period care.
  • It’s super easy to skip, pause or cancel orders using your personalised TOTM dashboard.
  • Every order gives back to Endometriosis UK.

Subscribe for exclusive loyalty rewards

When you subscribe, you also get access to exclusive loyalty rewards.

You’ll earn 10 points for every £1 spent. When you hit 500 points, we’ll send you a £5 e-voucher which you can choose to apply to your next order, gift to a friend or donate to Binti international.

Subscribers also get exclusive access to new planet-friendly TOTM products, promotions, and competitions.

Ready to get set up?

  • Shop your favourite period care products and opt for a subscription on your way to the checkout.
  • Set a delivery frequency that works for your menstrual cycle.
  • Leave the rest to us – we’ll keep you stocked up with organic cotton period care.