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6 Ways To Help Out a Friend During Their Period

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Good friends look out for each other. Through tough times, sad times and certain times of the month that makes you want to cry into a whole box of pizza.

Yes, we’re talking about periods (again). Whilst, I’m a huge advocate for self-care there are times when you need to put your needs aside, all in the name of friendship.

You can tell when your friend is suffering from period blues or PMS and even if they are trying to suffer in silence, you can see straight through the phoney excuse for cancelling plans.

If your friend is on their period then it’s time to go into BFF mode. Here are our top tips to cheer up your friend and ease their discomfort:

Get out the snacks

First things first let’s talk about food. Invite your friend over for a Netflix binge and put together a delicious PMS-proof feast. We know period cravings can be tough and we also know it’s sometimes difficult to decide on what food to eat! Make the decision for your friend and rustle up one of their favourite meals. For a healthier junk-food feast, get inspired and try our delicious ‘fakeaway’ recipes.

The Voice of Reason

Sometimes during that time of the month, our hormones can get the better of us and emotions run high. We’ve all been there; throwing a tantrum when hitting a red traffic light or crying over an advert for something random like dog food (admittedly the Cesar advert is a tearjerker). When your friend is feeling down in the dumps or overly emotional, be the voice of reason. Most importantly, just be there to listen and if it gets too much divert the conversation.

Defence Against The Evil Cramps

Period cramps can be evil. Help your friend battle the pain and discomfort by stocking up on the essentials – a hot water bottle, ibuprofen and peppermint tea. If your friend is calling in, keep these on hand so your friend knows you’ve got it covered. We all know it’s not fun when the cramps kick in and you realise you are without herbal or medicinal aids! Also, speaking of essentials you get extra friendship brownie points for having a supply of tampons/pads available for your friend to use if needed.

Stylist and Self-Esteem Coach

PMS discomfort such as bloating, hormonal breakouts and generally fluctuating hormones can make you feel a bit ‘bleurgh.’ If you’re planning a night out with a friend and they happen to be on their period then it’s time to lend a helping hand. Offer to do their makeup, help them choose an outfit and build up their confidence. Let them know that they are the ultimate babe, whip them up a gin cocktail (doesn’t cause as much bloating) and just enjoy each other’s company.

Embrace the Cliché

How many films have those cliché ‘girl’s night in’ scenes complete with face masks and plenty of pampering? Yes, it’s a cliché but who cares! Treat you and your friend to a healthy dose of pampering. It’s the perfect way to spend an evening or lazy afternoon if you or your friend are on your period. Select a guilty pleasure film on Netflix (Clueless is always a winner) and grab some indulgent products. Our soothing charcoal face mask is the perfect companion to your self-care, pamper evenings!

Much Needed Motivation

If your friend is having a miserable time on their period and has that urge to hideaway try to give them a boost. Look for exciting events in your area or suggest a trip to that restaurant that you’ve both always wanted to try. Sometimes a hit of fresh air is the perfect way to lift your spirits. Suggest a hike or find an outdoor activity that you know your friend will enjoy. If all fails, give these mood-boosting exercises a go. Try them out together in a comfortable space and get your blood pumping.

That’s all you need to be the ultimate BFF and cheer up your friend on their period. They will love you for it and when it’s your time of the month, who knows they might just repay the favour. 😘

Disclaimer: This blog is all in the name of fun. Please do not feel like a bad friend if you do not apply these practices. We won’t judge you.

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