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Top tips for flying on your period

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Looking for tips for flying on your period? Look no further. We’re talking all about managing your period in-flight to help you prepare and travel comfortably.

We are writing this blog for two reasons;

First things first, managing your period is not always easy. Let alone when you’re flying overseas in a confined space with one tiny toilet cubicle nearby. Also, air travel can interrupt your body’s natural rhythm. Which is worth knowing because this can sometimes impact your period.

How flying can affect your period (explained by a Flight Attendant)

We spoke to Emily, a Flight Attendant for Virgin Atlantic. She explains that when there is “significant time change your internal regular biological clock gets thrown off.” Emily discovered this after noticing a change in her period. She explains, “Over the years my menstrual cycle has become more and more erratic.” Emily’s Doctor told her that this is down to ‘circadian rhythm.’

Changes in your routine and/or long-haul travelling can affect your period and menstrual cycle. Either bringing your period earlier than expected or affecting your usual flow.

If you’re heading overseas here are some tips to manage your period on a plane:

Carry tampons, pads or your cup in your hand luggage

This is an obvious one but no doubt essential. If you’re flying, be sure to pack enough period care supplies for the flight. This is a good tip even if you aren’t actually on your period. It’s always good to be prepared just in case. Plus, if you don’t need them, there could be someone else that does!

Unfortunately many airlines fail to supply period care in-flight or if they do it’s a very limited supply. The last thing you want is to get your period during the flight or to run out of tampons/pads when in the air!

We recommend stocking up before you fly and pop a few in your hand luggage. If you’re in need of a re-stock ahead of your trip, check out our range of organic pads and liners.

Travel-friendly cramp soothing essentials

Let’s talk menstrual cramps. If (like me) you suffer with painful cramps on your period, it’s important to bear this in mind if you’re flying on your period. Warming up a hot water bottle or running yourself a warm magnesium bath is not an option in this situation. So, what can you do to soothe your cramps when flying?

To tackle the source of the problem, look out for on-the-go travel options. Cramp relief balms or patches are one option. Check out Forage Botanicals Moon Time Belly Balm or Be You patches. Both are made with natural ingredients. More natural pain relief tips can be found here!

Soothe menstrual bloating

To soothe digestive pain or bloating when you’re flying, avoid inflammatory food/drinks. This includes foods or drinks high in salt, sugar, dairy or white grains. Processed foods and alcohol are also key offenders.

It’s recommended to eat fresh food at the airport before your flight. Then take unsalted nuts, fruit bags (from the airport) and fresh water to drink on your flight. Obviously if you’re heading on a long-haul flight you might get food provided during the trip. Don’t feel you need to avoid this and go hungry! Enjoy whatever you like. Just be mindful of what affects your digestive system and remember to stay hydrated. Check out our article on what to eat on your period.

Travel-friendly disposal options

Changing your tampon or pad mid-flight can be a task. Not all toilets will have an allocated bin for used menstrual products. So what are you supposed to do when you change?

This is where on-the-go disposal options such as FabLittleBag are useful. These are biodegradable too so are kind to the planet. You simply open the bag, pop your used product into it, seal closed and throw into whichever bin is provided in the toilet. If there isn’t a toilet, the sealed bag can be popped in your handbag until you come across one!

Remember on long-haul flights to change your tampon every 4-6 hours.

Go for comfortable clothing

When flying it’s important to always wear loose comfortable clothing. An hour into the flight you’ll soon regret wearing those jeans with an uncomfortable waist band. If you’re flying on your period, it’s even more important to dress for comfort.

To let your body breathe during the flight look for casual and comfortable options. Good choices include an organic cotton jumpsuit or culottes. For more ideas on what to wear on your period, check out these blogs here and here.

Hopefully next time you’re flying on your period these tips will help you to prepare and fly without discomfort.

For more tips and advice on managing your period, including top period hacks for when you’re travelling, visit our Period Powerful Hub.

Looking for a handy bag to carry all your period essentials while travelling? Check out our organic cotton cosmetics purse. It’s perfect for carrying spare pads, tampons and other period care products while you’re on the go.

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