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Workouts for when you are on your period


Exercising whilst on your period may not be top of your to-do list, but it doesn’t mean we can’t workout on our period. There are workouts for when you are on your period that can help relieve those dreaded symptoms that come with our period.

According to gynaecologist Lauren Streicher, “There’s no science-backed reason to skip a workout when you have your period”. After hours of research and talking to industry professionals, we can confirm that working out during your period is encouraged. Exercising during your period can take your mind off the discomfort and pain, while releasing mood-boosting endorphins.


Exercises for your period

Now, we are no experts in this area. That’s why we got the team at Studio One to help. Studio One was created by real people to inspire a long-term healthy lifestyle within the pressures of everyday life. They have come up with mindful exercises to help you relieve stress, pain and anxiety when on your period. Studio One offers a wide selection of classes from Yoga, Pilates, Boxing, Barre, HIIT and Meditation. These exercises will have you feeling energised, relaxed and ready to take on the week – period or no period.


What’s the best workout for when you are on your period?

HIIT! High-intensity interval training is great for strengthening your muscles whilst sweating it out and finding some clarity. The hormone shift women experience when their period starts makes fuel more accessible to your body. This allows you to push harder and gets more out of short, fast-paced workouts than during other times of the month. This means you could end up burning more calories!
Sweating also does wonders for relieving uncomfortable belly bloat because water is leaving the body – just don’t forget to stay hydrated.


Not quite feeling up to a high-intensity workout?

If HIIT isn’t your thing, whack on your favourite yoga pants, a comfy sweater and longline shirt and go for a gentle stroll. Even light movement can make you feel better as it reduces inflammation via blood flow. A Vinyasa Yoga class could also have you feeling restored in no time for the same reason.


Listen to your body

It’s ok to recognise when you’re not up to it and give yourself a break. Don’t beat yourself up, it’s just as important to focus on relaxing, unwinding, and recharging during your period.
Why not take some ‘me time’ at a relaxing candlelit meditation class? Laying facedown can ease cramping and give you a soothing lower belly feel.


Another reason to exercise…

Not only is exercise good for your menstrual cycle but it gives you an amazing excuse to tap into the growing activewear trend! Don’t have any stylish activewear in your wardrobe? No problem, Fachercise has just launched a retail store inside Studio One to hook you up with the latest luxury looks.

So, there you have it. You don’t have to stop living your everyday life, embrace it! We are superwomen after all. You can follow Studio One on Instagram for more fitness inspo!

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