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PMS binge-watch: What series to watch on Netflix

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Sometimes (or most weekends if you’re like me), binge-watching Netflix is the route to happiness. Does anything beat throwing on a baggy jumper, fluffy socks and settling down for a long binge-watch?

Although, sometimes the vast choice can seem overwhelming. We’ve all been there… spending more time choosing a film/programme than actually watching it. So, you will be ecstatic to hear I’ve compiled a list of my favourite series on Netflix right now. Well, more like a Netflix bible.

Here are my PMS binge-watch recommendations, get comfortable and enjoy!

Whether you fancy a pre-menstrual sob, or a series so tense it will have you gripping onto the edge of your seat – there is something for every mood.

Nail biting, ‘edge of your seat’ series

These are the ones that will not fail to keep you on the edge of your seat. Full of twists, turns and well, more twists and turns. Beware, they will be ALL you can think about once you start them! You will also end up becoming completely attached to the characters.

Prison Break

I cannot big this series up enough. It is AMAZING. Although, if you try to watch it whilst scrolling through your phone, you won’t be able to keep up. In summary, it follows a man (Michael Schofield) and his brother (Lincoln Burrows). Burrows is on death row for a crime he didn’t commit. Schofield gets himself arrested and sent to the same prison to break Burrows out from the inside. It is so clever and completely addictive, need I say more?

Breaking Bad

Some may say (including myself) that this is the best series. EVER. Although, I didn’t get addicted to it straight away like Prison Break. But, after a few episodes, I was completely hooked. It follows a high school chemistry teacher (Walter White), who learns he has terminal cancer. He realises his salary won’t cover the financial costs of his treatment, so he turns to cooking meth. The series won a total of 16 Emmy awards and has landed a 9.5/10 rating on IMDb. Crazy, huh?

The Stranger

I honestly cannot recommend this series enough. I finally understand the phrase ‘edge of your seat’ because that’s exactly where I was from start to end (quite literally). It’s based around a mysterious stranger who somehow knows everyone’s secrets and has no problem leaking them (we aren’t talking little secrets like what you got someone for Christmas). There isn’t enough fingers on your hands to count the number of twists. Give it a watch and thank me later.

Jessica Jones

This is a Marvel and Netflix original, so it’s bound to be a good series, right? Well, it doesn’t disappoint. What I love about this series is that it is SO different. You can’t predict the plot whatsoever. Also, it has David Tennant in it, what’s not to love hey? I can’t say too much without giving the twists away. But, in summary, it follows ex-superhero turned detective Jessica Jones. She has settled in New York after a tragedy put an end to her career and she is now suffering from PTSD. But what was the tragedy? and what demons is she left to face?

Crime Thriller/Mystery

These series also keep you on the edge of your seat. But, they have more of a mysterious, crime type of feel. Either way, they will have you completely hooked.

How to Get Away with Murder

Out of all the series I watched, this was definitely the most addictive. I watched it all in under two weeks. This is on par with Breaking Bad for being my absolute favourite. It’s suspense-driven, mysterious, addictive, full of twists and everything else in-between. It follows a group of ambitious law students and their criminal defence professor (who is an absolute girlboss). Not only do they get involved in defending murders. But, they become entangled in a murder plot themselves (slight spoiler, eek sorry).


Created by award winning writer Harlan Coben, this series follows Tom Delaney as he embarks on a frantic search for his daughter after she goes missing from their supposedly ‘safe’ and gated community. Luckily, consisting of only one 8-episode season, you won’t have to wait too long to find out exactly what happened (and let me tell you… It’s good). Of course, it wouldn’t be a good mystery without some unpredictable secrets and I can promise you, you won’t be short of them. 


This is another one that doesn’t get enough recognition. A CIA operations officer (Carrie Mathison) is working in the counter-terrorism centre. She becomes obsessed with the idea that a prisoner of war who has returned to America (Nicholas Brody), has been turned by Al-Qaeda. He’s welcomed with open arms by the rest of the country. But, Mathison is convinced he is a terrorist and tries every means to prove it. It is SO nail-bitingly-intense.


I would class these in the ‘drama’ genre. Aka, completely filled with dramatic, (sometimes distressing) events. But don’t let that put you off.


This period drama has taken social media by storm and it’s completely understandable why! I was absolutely hooked from the start. I am also now obsessed with string orchestra covers of pop songs (if you know, you know). The series follows the powerful Bridgerton family as the eldest daughter, Daphne, makes her debut on the marriage market in London. However, it’s not smooth sailing and the series features a number of scandals in the city, which are reported on by an anonymous Lady Whistledown. It was met with such amazing reviews that Netflix renewed it for a second season just a few weeks after being released. There’s definitely no shortage of drama and the Duke isn’t too bad to look at either. What more could you want? 

Designated Survivor

This series follows a cabinet member (Tom Kirkman), who has been assigned as the ‘Designated Survivor’. A Designated Survivor is a person placed in a secure, distant location when the President/other top leaders are gathering in one location. This is usually a member of the United States Cabinet. If a terrorist attack occurs and harms the President or Vice President, the ‘Designated Survivor’ becomes the new President. A catastrophic event means that Kirkman is assigned as president. But are there a few snakes in the grass?


This one isn’t talked about much, which is why I’m here to tell you about it and that it’s a must-watch. The main character ‘Ghost’ or ‘James St. Patrick’ is a wealthy nightclub owner, living a double life as a drug kingpin. But, as you can imagine, his life isn’t plain sailing. What effect will this double life have on his marriage, family and business? The episodes are filled with drama, so you won’t ever get bored.

13 Reasons Why

This series is an emotional roller-coaster. Warning: Some scenes are very distressing/upsetting/shocking to watch. But, it’s something everyone needs to watch. It’s a HUGE eye opener and makes you re-consider the way you speak to/treat people. The story focuses on the aftermath of a young female (Hannah Baker) tragically committing suicide. She leaves a suicide note in the form of 13 tapes. The 13 tapes detail the 13 reasons why she took her life, each focusing on a different person. The series follows teenager Clay Jensen as he listens to each tape and relives the moments that caused Hannah to take her life.

Light- hearted/Comical

I don’t tend to watch as many of these, because as you can tell I love the dramatic/tense series. But, sometimes you need a bit of feel good comedy and these are you winners for those moods!

Santa Clarita Diet

Another Netflix original series. To be honest, I’m not too sure what to say about this series. It’s so bizarre and quirky but downright hilarious (also a bit gross). I suppose it’s a bit like Marmite – some people love it and others don’t get it. It will get you out of a bad mood though, so I suggest it if you’re looking for the feel-good factor. The main characters (Sheila and Joel) are a married couple living as real estate agents. But things start taking a strange, dark turn when Sheila goes through a dramatic transformation.


Some of you may have seen or heard of the best-selling book ‘Girlboss’ by Sophia Amoruso. Or if not you’ve more than likely heard of the multi-million-dollar fashion empire ‘Nasty Gal’. If you haven’t, then you’re in luck because they’ve turned it into a series! Sophia Amoruso started selling vintage clothing eBay, under the name of ‘Nasty Gal Vintage’. It became a huge success, leading to her launching her own retail website ‘Nasty Gal’. This soon turned into a fashion empire and she became a top businesswoman.

Orange is the New Black

Dubbed as one of the best ever Netflix original series, ‘Orange is the New Black’ is the epitome of a feel-good, comical series. It follows a Public Relations Executive (Piper Chapman). Her life is on track until her past catches up with her. She is sentenced to spend time in a minimum-security women’s prison. Chapman has to adjust to life behind bars and befriend the range of different characters she will be living alongside.

That completes my PMS binge-watch guide! What do you think of these recommendations? I would love to hear what you think! Tweet us @totmorganic or drop us a comment below.

This blog was written by Alex, Social Media Exec at TOTM

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