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We’re crowdfunding! Own a piece of TOTM’s future.


We’ll soon be launching our first crowdfunding campaign. You can become a TOTM shareholder and invest in better periods – for people and the planet.

Since 2016, our period powerful community has driven us to challenge the mainstream and become the ethical and sustainable period care brand that the world had been missing. Thanks to you, we’ve come a long way already, but we’re about to take things further – and we want you to be a part of it.


Join us on our planet-saving mission

By investing anything from £10, you can become a TOTM shareholder* and play your part in the period care revolution. Pre-register here to get exclusive early access to our crowdfunding campaign 48 hours before we go live to the public.


What does it mean to be a TOTM shareholder?

Your shareholder status means you’re officially part of our planet-saving mission and doing your bit to make periods better.

When you invest and become a TOTM shareholder, you own a piece of our business. How many shares you have is dependent on how much you invest. Each share costs £3.33, so if you invest £10 (this is the minimum investment you can make), this will buy you 3 shares in TOTM.

By buying shares, it means you could make money! Of course, nothing is guaranteed, but you could make a profit if there is a share sale event such as:

– IPO (launching onto a stock exchange)
– A trade sale (sale to another company)
– Share buyback (opportunity to sell your shares)

There are also rewards available for investors. These vary from 10% off yours and a friend’s first subscription order for the minimum investment, to the opportunity to join shareholder meetings and have menstrual cups donated to period dignity causes in your name. For the full list of rewards, head here.


Why should I invest?

By investing in TOTM, you can help us tackle the rising period plastic problem. There is a lot of conversation surrounding plastic-lined coffee cups and plastic straws, but period products are a single-use plastic problem that EVERYONE should be talking about. Here’s why:

  •  Period products are more commonly found on UK beaches than plastic straws or coffee cups.
  • Conventional period products are made of up to 90% single-use plastic.
  • ONE pack of conventional pads contains the same amount of plastic as five carrier bags.
  • Tampons are also a key offender, as not only do they contain plastic, but the majority come with a plastic applicator. This plastic takes a minimum of 500 years to decompose, meaning that conventional pads and plastic applicators have a longer life span than the person who uses it. Shocking, right?


How many shares are there?

There are nearly 3.3 million shares already in issue. Our crowdfunding target is £500,000, which represents about 150,000 shares as each share costs £3.33.


Can anyone invest?

You don’t have to be an experienced investor or have hundreds and thousands of pounds to your name to invest. The minimum investment is £10, so it’s easy for you to join our planet-saving mission. There are, however, a few restrictions. You have to be over the age of 18 and legally entitled to invest. Unfortunately, you are unable to invest if you are in the US, Canada or Japan.


How do I invest?

Our campaign launches on February 12th. Sign up here to get a notification when we are live. You will need to set up a Crowdcube account here in order to invest.

If you want to show your support in other ways, we would love it if you could tell a friend, share this post or watch/share our crowdfunding video (watch it here). Thank you for all the support you have given us over the past 4 years. Keep up with all the action on our Instagram, Twitter and Facebook.

*Investments of this nature carry risks to your capital. Please invest aware.



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