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TOTM X Teapigs: 3 comforting teas to try on your period


Sometimes we need that extra bit of comfort to help us get through the day or unwind at the end of a long one. Here, the lovely team at teapigs have recommended their 3 favourite comforting teas perfect for any time of the month (but obviously a little bit of self-care on your period can go a long way too!).



Peppermint tea often pops up on our socials when we ask for period tips. This is because it’s long been associated with easing digestion. Your period can often cause abdominal or digestive discomfort due to the changes in your hormones.


What teapigs say about peppermint tea?

Ah peppermint, another delightful, caffeine-free classic…you can expect a strong minty taste, perfect for freshening up and soothing a grumpy tummy. We love sipping on this one throughout the day – with a hot water bottle on our lap, too! More about peppermint here.



Hormonal changes during your menstrual cycle can cause mood-related symptoms. In our busy lifestyles, we often forget to take time to just chill for a half-hour or so. But if you’re feeling anxious or have a low mood it’s really important to look after yourself. Valerian and Chamomile plants are commonly used in tea blends due to their calming and relaxing properties.


What teapigs say about calm tea?

Make-up off, phone off, kettle on, calm tea temple in mug…it’s time to switch off and enjoy the comforting goodness of calm. Packed with lemon balm, valerian and chamomile, this one is a guaranteed cuddle in a cup if you ask us. More about calm here.


Matcha latte sachets

Matcha latte’s a popular choice to mix things up! Matcha is full of antioxidants which, alongside many things, can benefit your immune system. Hormonal fluctuations and inflammation during the menstrual cycle can actually impact the strength of your immune system.


What teapigs say about Matcha latte sachets?

Fancy a little bit of indulgence? Our matcha latte sachets are the way forward if you’re after something that tastes good and does great. Matcha contains antioxidants which will help calm you and focus your energy throughout the day…did you know one cup of matcha is the equivalent to drinking not 1, not 2, but 10 (yup, 10!!) cups of green tea? The only difficult decision? Deciding which flavour we want first: turmeric, chai, cocoa or mint. Check out our matcha range here.

Throughout August 2019, we’re proud to partner with teapigs to bring all TOTM subscribers an exclusive sample of their brand new cold brew tea. Don’t have a TOTM subscription yet? Find out more here.

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