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Period Care Subscription

Get your period care delivered to your door in time for your period from just £2.70 p/order + delivery. Plus, earn loyalty rewards on your subscription orders!

How it works

Discover the subscription service that changes how you manage your period.

We conveniently deliver your organic cotton tampons, pads and liners in line with your menstrual cycle. Plus, subscribers get access to The V Club, our exclusive loyalty rewards scheme.

"No commitment, no contract, pause or cancel any time with our period care subscription."

Setting up a subscription

Be prepared for your period

Even if your period turns up early, irregularly or in the middle of the night, be prepared with our convenient subscription service.

You order what you need, set delivery dates and frequency then we will do the rest.

Feel in control of your orders

Every subscriber gets access to a TOTM dashboard. You can skip, edit, pause or cancel your repeat orders whenever you need to. Simply login on your computer or mobile anytime.

To get started with a subscription, you simply need to choose what you need, proceed to checkout and opt for a ‘repeat order subscription.’ From here you can create your account and select delivery dates and frequency.

The V Club

Exclusive subscriber extras

Earn points with every subscription order! Get 10 points for every £1 spent. Build these up to earn £5 vouchers which you can use on your next order, gift your voucher to a friend or donate to Red Box Project.

Get your friends onboard

When you’ve discovered the comfort of organic period care, you might want to get your friends to switch too! Share your unique referral link to give your friend 25% off their first order. If they subscribe you instantly earn a £5 voucher!

Be part of our community

The period powerful community is growing. We’re here to help you take power over your menstrual wellness. Subscribers get access to exclusive discounts, competitions, surveys and content periodically during the year.