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TOTM Perks: Urban Veda Samples Throughout August

Listen up period pioneers, we have a big announcement. Subscribers, We’re launching a brand-new ‘perks scheme’. Read on to discover how it all works. Warning: This post contains very exciting news!

Do you subscribe to TOTM? If not then here’s what you need to know. Subscribers get their 100% certified organic tampons, pads and liners delivered on a repeat-order basis to suit their cycle. This is not only super convenient but it also puts an end to those ‘uh-oh’ moments when your period arrives, and you’re all out of tampons and pads. We’ve all been there…

Subscribers also currently get 10% off every order, but we’re about to shake things up.

Introducing TOTM Perks*

We’re a polite bunch at TOTM and want to thank our subscribers for joining our growing squad of period pioneers. It’s important to reward loyalty and we want to give back to our subscribers.

Following a recent subscriber survey, we’ve taken on board your thoughts. You had your say on improvements, new launches and monthly perks, and we’ve listened to you. We’re going to start rolling out exclusive subscriber perks – #TOTMPerk!

What Does This Mean For Subscribers?

Active subscribers will have access to exclusive promo codes, competitions, free samples and new TOTM product launches. Plus, coming soon we will be launching loyalty rewards.

As a natural, ethical brand we’re speaking to other brands who share our values. We’re planning on working with these brands to provide exclusive subscriber perks. Subscribers will have a chance to discover brands, try something new and win products!

We’ll run these perks at various intervals during the year. For announcements keep watching your emails and our social channels.

This is new, so please bear with us whilst we set it all up and iron out teething issues. It’s currently only available to active TOTM subscribers. If you pause or cancel then you will miss out. Your feedback is always welcome and we’ll continue to send out surveys to hear your thoughts.

Why Wait?

Here’s the most exciting part. We’re kick-starting the TOTM Perks next month! All subscriber orders dispatched in August will get not one but FOUR product samples**. New subscribers who join us in August will also get their hands on this exciting treat!

We’re partnering with multi-award-winning natural brand Urban Veda. Here’s what active subscribers will get with their order:

    • Daily Soothing Facial Wash (Sandalwood + Botanics) 5ml

A balancing, clarifying and skin softening facial wash. Ideal to calm and soothe distressed skin. Find out more.

    • Soothing Exfoliating Facial Polish (Sandalwood + Botanics) 5ml

A balancing, clarifying and uplifting facial polish. Ideal to calm and soothe distressed skin. Find out more.

    • Daily Radiance Facial Wash (Turmeric + Botanics) 5ml

Naturally brightens and balances! This face wash also contains patchouli and coriander to revitalise lack-lustre skin.  Find out more.

    • Radiance Exfoliating Facial Polish (Turmeric + Botanics) 5ml

Naturally brightens and balances! This face polish also contains patchouli and coriander to revitalise lack-lustre skin. Find out more.

All of these products contain no parabens, no SLS, no GM ingredients and are suitable for vegans. Urban Veda is a cruelty-free brand. You’ll also be pleased to hear that Urban Veda cartons are Forest Sustainability Certified.

This #TOTMPerk is ideal for some time of the month pampering! When your skin plays up and needs a little boost. Urban Veda products are also formulated using natural ingredients around the principles of Ayurveda. Ayurveda is the traditional holistic healing system of India. It states that there are three main body types, known as a dosha. Urban Veda’s skincare range is developed to target the main skin care needs of the three doshas. Unsure on your dosha? You can discover your dosha here.

Happy First #TOTMPerk Subscribers

This is brand new for us.  We’ll be busy working behind the scenes to get it rolling. At the initial launch, these treats will only be with subscriber orders dispatched in August. If your order is not going due to go out in August, and you wish to make changes you can adjust it here.

But don’t worry. We’ll have more treats coming your way soon! Keep watching our Instagram for the TOTM X URBAN VEDA giveaway in August. You could win the full-size version of the products listed above.

That’s all for now! We hope these will ‘perk up your period.’ When you receive your perk let us know. Drop us a message and share a snap on Instagram or Twitter – remember to tag in @totmorganic and include #TOTMPerk.

*PeriodPioneer Perks will vary and can be in the form of gifts/samples, exclusive access to new product launches, promotions/discounts, and competitions. They will run at various intervals through the year. Any free samples and printable/flyer promo codes will be dispatched with orders sent out during the promo month/period. If your order is not processed during the specified promo period, then you will not be eligible to receive the ‘perk’.

We will always clearly advertise on our website and social media channels the start and end dates of any ‘perk’. You can amend your order anytime on your TOTM dashboard, including date adjustments to get access to the perk. Perk announcements and details will be available on our website, blog, emails and social media. Some perks will be exclusively delivered via email, therefore, subscribers who have ‘opted out’ will not get access to email only perks. These perks are exclusive to active TOTM subscribers. Paused and cancelled subscriptions will not be included. Also, one-off purchasing customers or repeat order customers without a subscription will not be included. New subscribers who sign up and have their order dispatched during a ‘perk month’ will receive the perk. All perks are subject to stock availability and TOTM has the right to pull perks and promos at any time and without any notice.

**These are subject to availability. Urban Veda products contain natural ingredients but we advise for users to check ingredients before using the product. These products might not be suitable for those with allergies to any of the listed ingredients.  Please always check the ingredients before using new products.

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