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Periods IRL: Our community share tips for managing your period on holiday


Periods can be a minefield. Things such as heavy bleeding and uncomfortable cramps can seem hard to manage, particularly when you are away from home. Our community are here to help you take power over your period, with their top tips for managing your period on holiday.

When the cramps hit, it can seem like a chore to manage them. But there are simple ways to take power over PMS symptoms and make your period more manageable. After all, periods are natural and powerful and shouldn’t be dreaded or silenced. Here are some tips from members of our community:


Rachel, Kent

“Be prepared! Have a go-to period purse ready in all your travel totes or bags.” This ensures you are ALWAYS prepared so are never caught short! It’s also a good idea to fill it spare underwear and other essentials such as pain relief. Our slogan cosmetic purses are perfect for storing all your period essentials.



“A cup! And your panty liners, just in case.” Lots of people like to use a menstrual cup, as it can make managing your period easier. It’s convenient as you don’t have to carry around lots of period care products and although we always advise sticking to TSS guidelines, a cup can be worn slightly longer than regular products.”


Lucy, London

“I always stock up on coconut water as it is full of electrolytes and potassium and keeps me hydrated.” Coconut water is not only a summery drink, but it is also super period-friendly. Lack of hydration can actually worsen period cramps, so it’s important to keep your hydration levels topped up. The electrolytes and potassium in coconut water can help soothe cramps, making it ideal for managing your period on holiday.


Lianne, Wales

“Magnesium spray! It is SO handy and convenient. Magnesium aways helps soothe my cramps!” Magnesium helps relax your uterine muscles which offers relief from cramping pain as cramps are caused by your uterus muscles contracting.

We hope these tips help you with managing your period on holiday! Do you have any tips? Let us know in the comments below or come chat to us on socials @totmorganic.

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