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Period hacks: Tips from our community to ease menstrual discomfort


Looking for period hacks to ease menstrual discomfort? Whether it’s something to ease period cramps or manage hormonal breakouts, we all have our own go-to remedies to feel better on our periods. Here, people from our period powerful community share their tips!

When I am on my period I suffer with uncomfortable cramps. I therefore swear by a warm magnesium bath, heat pads and comfortable pyjamas. I find these essential when my period shows up, and cramps take over my body.

Finding a remedy that works for you is THE BEST. It can take some trial and error but when you find a way to ease your discomfort, it soon becomes an essential part of your routine on your period. Whether it’s a go-to herbal tea that you find eases your menstrual migraines, or a massage technique that soothes menstrual related back pain.


We spoke to 8 people from our Period Powerful community and asked them to share their period hacks! Find out what they had to say:



“I find that drinking peppermint tea during my period helps calm my digestive system, which in turn helps ease my cramps! I’m sure there’s a link there somewhere!”



“For when you have extremely bad cramps- lie down flat and rub your two hands together till they feel very warm and press both your hands onto your lower stomach/ womb area. The heat is always lovely, and a Turkish lady actually recommended that it was a good way to help relieve some pain or discomfort momentarily.”



“All I feel like doing is curling up in a ball during my period, but this only makes my cramps worse. Being active, even if I can only manage walking round the house or cooking makes me feel so, so much better.”



“Fennel tea really helps when I feel bloated during my period.”



“Develop good musculature with fun, vigorous exercise – I love kickboxing, and the muscles I gain from the workout fight off those terrible cramps! – but around your period, be kind to yourself. Go for slow, gentler exercise like swimming or yoga – and eat all the dark chocolate you want! It contains magnesium, which helps alleviate cramps and increase energy.”



“If you suffer from tender breasts, switch to a wireless bra. If there is a specific issue with mastalgia (breast pain) then I would recommend Evening Primrose Oil.”



“A relaxing cup of passionflower, cinnamon and chamomile tea helps release muscle tension and prevents pre-menstrual backache. Drink at least one cup a day for a few weeks for full effect.”



“I put a heat pad in my rucksack, so when I’m walking around it warms the bottom of my back and reduces the pain.”

We love these period hacks and hope you did too! Do you have a tip to share? What’s your go-to remedy on your period? Let us know in the comment below or come chat to us on socials. For more period hacks, check out this blog with tips for pad users to help you feel comfortable during the summer months.

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