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Top tips for using pads in the summer

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We’ve put together some top tips for using pads, to lessen any discomfort or irritation on hot, summer days.

Heat and sweat can lead to itching or discomfort when using menstrual pads. The vagina has a delicate pH balance and the vulval area is super sensitive. We’ve put together a list of top tips for using pads to help you be kinder to your vagina this summer:

Ditch the synthetic underwear

First things first, make a vagina-friendly choice with your underwear. Synthetic materials such as polyester can cause irritation and trap in heat and moisture. This creates an environment in which bacteria can thrive. Add in a menstrual pad and you could end up with severe discomfort, rashing or potentially thrush.

Opt for underwear made with organic cotton or other natural fibers. Organic cotton has natural moisture-wicking capabilities so can keep you feeling dry and fresh during the day. Cotton underwear can also help keep pads in place during wear. This breathable, dryer environment can improve grip, so the pad won’t move around when you’re on the go!

Switch to breathable organic cotton pads

What are your conventional pads made from? A report by WEN revealed that mainstream pads are around 90% plastic. Materials such as plastic can once again trap in heat and moisture, blocking airflow to the vagina. Organic pads have a natural softness to sit comfortably against the delicate vaginal and vulval area. Consultant Gynaecologist, Ms Anne Henderson recommends organic cotton. She explains how it’s “both highly absorbent and breathable and keeps the delicate skin drier and free from irritation than synthetic alternative.”

Organic cotton pads also do not contain toxic or harmful chemicals. We often get told by customers that they find organic pads comfier to use on their period. You can shop our pads here.

Change your pad more frequently

Warmer weather can lead to increased perspiration. It’s therefore important to change your pad more frequently during summer months! Heat and sweat can absorb into pads leading to irritation. To feel comfy, it’s more important than ever to change your pad frequently.

If your period coincides with your summer holiday and you’re planning to use pads, remember to pack an extra box!

Always go fragrance-free

In the summer, it’s tempting to look to fragranced products for “added freshness” but this can cause more harm than good. Adverts sell us this idea that we need to ‘prevent odour’ and ‘feel fresh’ but your vagina is self-cleaning. It’s also SUPER sensitive. Fragrance/perfumes in or around this area can lead to irritation, itching and even an allergic reaction. Fragrance is, after all, a chemical. Use of fragranced period care or cleansers can also potentially cause thrush. Look for unscented pads and only use natural products in this delicate area. Trust us, you’ll feel much more comfortable for ditching fragranced products.

We hope these tips will help you have a better period this summer! Do you have any top tips? Share these below. Are you ready to make the switch to organic cotton? Discover the range here.

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