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How to nail the festive season whilst still caring for the planet


Caring for the planet doesn’t mean you can’t nail the festive season!

You can still be Eco-conscious and enjoy the festive season. Discover our simple Eco swaps you can make to have a sustainable Christmas (without compromising on the fun).



Nothing says Christmas and festivities like glitter. But, glitter is a big contributor to the plastic problem, as it is a micro-plastic. But you can still get glammed up without harming the environment, as there are lots of eco-friendly alternatives which are made from plant cellulose.

Our favourite Eco alternative is Eco Stardust, who’s glitter is biodegradable, non GMO and sustainably farmed. It’s also vegan and cruelty-free. It looks the same as normal glitter, just with the added Eco credentials! What’s not to love?


Wrapping paper

A lot of people don’t realise that wrapping paper can’t be recycled. Most wrapping paper is covered in glitter, has a plastic coating and added inks which mean it’s not accepted for recycling. It was previously reported that we throw away approximately 108 million rolls of wrapping paper at Christmas. All of this comes at a cost to the environment, as it ends up in landfill.

The good news is, this doesn’t have to stop Christmas being a season of giving! There are Eco-friendly alternatives you can use whilst still making your presents look pretty. Some ideas of alternatives you can use are leftover newspaper, old maps and scraps of material or wallpaper you have around the house.

You can also buy recyclable wrapping paper and tags online! Wondering whether your wrapping paper is recyclable? You can check by tearing off a piece and scrunching it up. If it scrunches up together it is recyclable!


Shop small and local

Try to shop small and local this Christmas. There are SO many amazing small brands that are conscious about their environmental impact and are actively trying to make change. Larger companies mass producing products takes it’s toll on the environment, particularly over the festive period.

Small companies are more likely to give back, provide a higher quality shopping experience and use Eco materials/methods of production. Also, being a small brand ourselves we can assure you that we notice, value and appreciate EVERY single order.

Some of our favourite small brands are Miss Patisserie, Atlas and Ortus, Natural Deo Co, Conscious Chocolate, Fab Little Bag and Forage Botanicals.



Do you have products in your house that you were previously gifted but have never touched? How about re-gifting them! You might know someone who would like it/needs it a lot more than you, it prevents waste and it combats consumerism as you don’t have to buy something new!


Upcycle your clothing

Been gifted a piece of clothing you know you’ll never wear? Instead of leaving it to sit in your wardrobe all year round or throwing it away you can upcycle it! A few ideas are turning cable knit jumpers into cushion covers, turning jeans into shorts (save the material scraps) and transforming a scarf into a wrap skirt.


Make-up removal

There are so many Christmas parties and events at this time of year, which means more opportunities than ever to get glammed up! But, the way you remove your make-up can actually cause problems for the environment. Make-up wipes are made up of non-biodegradable materials, so are a big contributor to the plastic pollution problem. They also don’t do wonders for your skin!

So, what can you use instead? All of us here at TOTM absolutely LOVE bamboo face cloths and organic cotton muslin cloths. These are sustainably produced and are reusable (simply pop them in the wash) so limit the amount of waste you are sending to landfill. They are also so soft on the skin (perfect for sensitive skin) and remove EVERY trace of makeup, helping prevent breakouts.

We love these bamboo face cloths from Face Theory. These are also biodegradable so break down naturally in landfill.


Sustainable period care

It’s highly likely that you will get your period during the festive season. It’s important to think about how sustainable your period care is! Making the switch to organic or reusable alternatives (such as a menstrual cup) can help you significantly cut back on the amount of waste you are sending to landfill.

Think your friends should start 2019 using period care that’s kind to the body and environment? We think so too! With our refer a friend scheme, you can refer your friends to TOTM and get them 25% of their first order. PLUS, for every friend you successfully refer, we’ll give you 500 loyalty reward points. That means you’ll have a £5 voucher to apply to your order, gift to someone else or donate to period poverty initiative Red Box Project.

Do you have any tips for a more sustainable Christmas? Let us know in the comments below or tweet us @totmorganic. Looking for more Eco tips? Check out this blog where we give our top 5 zero-waste bathroom products. For more eco-friendly advice, check out our ‘green living‘ section.

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