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Four Things to Know About Natural Deodorant


Natural deodorants are becoming super popular after growing concerns over potentially harmful ingredients in some conventional options. Many of the natural deodorants are also kind to the environment too! We caught up with Laurie Hooper, Founder of The Natural Deodorant Co to get expert tips on the four things you should know about natural deodorants.


It’s probably going to outperform your current deodorant.

The most common hurdle I face when discussing natural deodorants is that people are concerned, they won’t last the day. Well, get ready to be surprised. Natural deodorants are designed to keep you fresh from the moment you apply (no drying time!) to the second you jump in the shower after work…and beyond. The outdated myth that natural deodorants can’t keep you smelling good for more than a few hours just doesn’t apply to many of the new formulas.


Your armpits are going to look in-cred-ible.

You know the feeling. The first day of summer in a vest top…you wave at your friend/your Manager/the barista at Starbucks…and realise that your underarms look a bit unloved. Whether it’s chalky residue from an antiperspirant, dry skin or shaving rash, it can leave us all feeling worried about raising our arms at times. Luckily, our creamy and nourishing deodorants balms are the perfect antidote for stressed-out armpits. Using plant waxes, butters and oils we ensure that underarm skin is always at its best. So, get waving!


You’re still going to sweat

Sweat is your bodies cooling system and just as we wouldn’t block up the AC unit in an office, nor will we block your sweat glands. These important little pockets release sweat for many reasons and we believe they should be able to do so without obstruction. In our Natural Deodorants, we use magnesium powder + clay to soak up excess moisture. Over time you’ll probably be amazed to find that you even perspire less as your body is able to regulate sweat preproduction more effectively because your pores aren’t plugged.

Occasionally there’s a little adjustment period as you get used to not wearing an antiperspirant, but it won’t last more than a couple of weeks.


You can ‘dip a toe’

No, not literally, but you if you’re keen to try a natural deodorant without potentially wasting full product, opt for a sample to see how it works for you. A dinky 5g (like the ones we have on our website) should provide around four days of use which will give you time to give it a try and discover your favourite scent and formula.

Top tip: if you’re keen to try The Natural Deo Co range I’d recommend starting with samples of Clean Deodorant Balm and Gentle Deodorant Cream. Get two of each if you can to give yourself plenty of time to adjust.

Thanks to Laurie for chatting to us and sharing this info about natural deodorants! All subscribers and new subscriber orders dispatching in July 2019 get 20% off at Natural Deo Co. If you haven’t subscribed to TOTM, you can find out more here.

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