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Why is it important to choose organic sleepwear?


As you know, we’re huge advocates for organic. Here, Phyllis Sawall, PR Coordinator at sustainable fashion brand People Tree tells us why it’s important to choose organic sleepwear!

“Did you know that organic cotton is better for health and sustainability reasons and should therefore not only be the material of choice for hygiene products but clothes as well? In comparison to conventional fabrics, it doesn’t include any hazardous substances that have been used throughout the farming process which prevents skin irritations and thus makes it healthier and safer. More than that, it also feels softer, since the threads of the fibre have not been damaged by chemicals.


Why are organic fabrics important?

We pay attention to the food and sanitary products we buy because they obviously enter our body system, but we forget that we are also exposed to environmental influences through our skin – the largest organ of our body. Natural and organic cosmetics and body care are a hit not only since yesterday but several studies show that nowadays, also clothes can include different types of hazardous chemicals. These might be absorbed through our skin. So, knowing that there is a risk of having toxins entering our blood system and harming our body should be reasons enough to opt for organic fabrics. We shouldn’t forget that we are wearing clothes nearly 24/7.


Why is it important to consider your sleepwear?

A good sleep is the key to health and energy. We, therefore, recommend switching to pyjamas made from 100% organic cotton. Especially when having your period, you want to feel comfy. So, wearing soft pyjamas is a must! Plus, if you’re going through cramp pain, it is important to get enough deep sleep to recover.
Good sleep starts with cutting off noise and making sure there is enough fresh air in the bedroom. But, it also includes wearing cosy pyjamas made from organic fibres, grown without the use of potentially toxic pesticides. Organic cotton is softer, healthier and lets your skin breathe. It is also a very durable fabric and easy to wash (so you can make sure you always have fresh nightwear for a good sleep).


How to care for your organic sleep wear:

Too much washing is not good nor for any material, neither our environment. Luckily antibacterial cotton works well with some airing. Of course, we know though, that the washing machine is calling at some point. So, to make sure your new favourite pyjamas will be long-lasting, we have some quick care instructions for you: Hand wash or switch to the gentle programme with cold water as the biggest damage to garments is created by heat. More good news! Washing your pieces cold also saves 75% of the energy used for one cycle. To save more energy and protect your garments, give them a gentle stretch back into shape after washing and air-dry them, instead of tumble drying and ironing.


Let’s go organic!

All in all, opting for natural and organic products – whether it’s pyjamas or tampons – is not only better for your comfort, health and overall well-being, but turns out to be the most environmentally friendly alternative as well. So, stay conscious and go for quality! Your body will thank you.

A BIG thanks to Phyllis from People Tree for writing this informative post for us! As part of our #FestivePeriodHacks we’re giving all our subscribers an exclusive discount on People Tree’s organic sleepwear. You can follow them on Insta here. Check your emails Monday for your exclusive promo code! (You won’t want to miss out!) Search #FestivePeriodHacks on socials for more tips to help you survive the festive period.

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