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Using organic cotton pads post-partum

We spotted Laura’s comments on a Facebook video and reached out to her to see if she would be willing to share her experience. Here’s her story in her own words:

Whilst scrolling through Facebook recently I happened on an advert by TOTM. Having experimented with a variety of sanitary protection in the past, I decided to have a look at what TOTM had to offer. I noticed that several people were questioning what difference going organic really made and whether it was worth the extra cost. Up until the birth of my son, I would most definitely have been one of those cynics, but for me, having made the switch to organic, the answer is “YES, it is definitely worth it!” and that the difference is huge.

Like most people, I started off as a teenager using conventional pads. They always made me feel physically uncomfortable and caused what can only be described as an unpleasant, throbbing sensation. Being young, I didn’t think to question whether this was normal, I just knew I wasn’t happy so tried tampons instead. Around ten years ago, I made the switch to a menstrual cup, working outdoors and with limited access to decent toilet facilities this option was ideal for me and proved comfier and less problematic in general than using tampons.

I discovered organic sanitary pads around two weeks after the birth of my first child. At two weeks’ post-partum I still had a lot of discomfort and my stitches weren’t healing. It was only as we made the transition from disposable to cloth nappies; because I didn’t want my baby to have all those chemicals next to his delicate skin, that I realised I was doing the same thing to myself.

A quick internet search revealed the existence of organic femcare brands such as TOTM. I switched to organic the same day and the discomfort went virtually immediately. Subsequent experimentation with organic and non-organic pads and liners further convinced me that it was the chemicals in the conventional sanitary products which were causing the problems. Consequently, when my second child was due I only bought organic pads and the difference using them from day one was amazing. I had very little pain from the stitches, which healed in days, the bleeding was far less of a problem than first time round and my whole recovery was quicker and easier.

Personally, I am totally convinced that organic sanitary products like TOTM are better for your body and if I need to use a disposable product from now on I will only buy organic. I recommend organic to anyone that asks, especially new mums. I also love the idea that TOTM will deliver them monthly without you having to think about it and when the time comes for my daughter to need pads she will most definitely having organic.

Laura, from Hampshire.

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