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Trialling TOTM: Meet the Panel


At TOTM, we often share info on how organic is kind to your body and kind to the environment. But, it’s difficult to capture what it’s like USING organic period care products.

Many of our customers tell us that they feel a difference when using organic period care products. That’s because organic cotton is a breathable material and is free-from pesticide residue and GM. In addition to this key ingredient, we also do not use fragrance/perfumes or synthetic fibres, that can irritate this sensitive part of the body – the vagina.


Putting TOTM to the test:

So, does going organic feel different on your period? Do you notice a difference? Well, these questions do depend on the user. We decided to put our products to the test, with a group of users who hadn’t yet tried organic period care. Everybody is different, and we wanted to capture honest opinions from real people, who trialled TOTM for one period.
Granted, this is just a small selection. But it’s a chance to hear from real women using the products.  So, this month, we’re going to let real users do the talking.


Who are the ‘first-time’ users?

To help you put a face to the name, and see that these are real people we thought to provide a brief introduction to our user panel. Please note, we provided products to each user for the trial but used a standard questionnaire for each user. We asked for real feedback based on their experience. Most of our panel are bloggers because they are used to trialling products and openly providing feedback online. We didn’t ask for this to be like a standard blogger review. Don’t worry we’ll also have a round-up of customer reviews rolling out very soon too!

So, without further delay. Here’s our panel:


Jade Wylde, Sheffield:

Jade is a blogger who worked with us on the #TalkingPeriods campaign. She was one of the few that we plucked from this campaign because she had never heard of organic period products, let alone tried them before. Jade started blogging in 2016 and her writing is also open, honest and insightful. She blogs about a range of topics, including mental health.


Nicci Shane, London:

London based Nicci, has travelled all over and has lived abroad for several years. She loves blogging about experiences, and she’s all about living life to the full.


Tejinder Dhillon, London:

Tejinder thrives on being an authentic blogger. She lives for fashion and beauty, has launched a fashion brand and blog. Tejinder contributed to our #TalkingPeriods campaign where she shared an honest story about how her period has changed in her thirties. We asked Tejinder to take part in this trial after reading in her blog that she found it uncomfortable using tampons since hitting her 30’s.


Chloe Spacey, London:

Northern girl Chloe moved to London and blogs about her adventures in the capital city! Chloe is always super honest on her blog, about her personal journey with body image and mental health.


Sophie Cain, Wales:

Twenty-one-year-old Sophie is from North-West England but currently, resides in Wales! She’s passionate about many topics including LGBT+ issues, mental health and ‘everything that’s wrong in the world.’ Again, another honest blogger who doesn’t hold back on her real honest opinions. Perfect for our trial!


Ella Bradley, Wales:

Ella was referred to our panel by one of the TOTM team members. Ella, originally from Swindon, suffers discomfort and excruciating pain when using tampons. Whilst this level of discomfort may be caused by an underlying health issue, which Ella is aware of, we were keen for Ella to try our products to see if organic eased her discomfort at all.


Shay Stanberry, London:

Freelance photographer and blogger Shay writes about a range of topics. Everything from relationships, to career goals. When working with us on the #TalkingPeriods campaign, Shay was super honest about how she suffered from severe period cramps. This type of honesty is what we were looking for in our panel round up!


Juliet Fisher, Nottingham:

Juliet is a creative writing graduate, who has ‘no verbal filter.’ She loves fashion and beauty but is also passionate about feminism and mental health issues. Juliet’s blog for our #TalkingPeriods campaign was a no holding back, honest post about everything from ‘period sneezes’ to bowel movements. Juliet’s refreshingly honest take on blogging left us super curious to see what she would think of our products!

And that’s our trial panel. Stayed tuned for part 2 in our trialling TOTM series, where we talk about period discomfort and irritation, a must read if this sounds like you! Part 3 goes live on 19th November which reveals exactly what each person thought of our products. Don’t miss it!

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