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Trialling TOTM: Does Switching to Organic Period Care Make a Difference?


A panel of bloggers put our organic period care products to the test to answer the question, “Does switching to organic make a difference?” Take a scroll for their feedback…

Over the past month, we put together a panel of 8 bloggers (meet them here) who had never tried organic cotton period care products before! The bloggers were each sent enough product for one period and were asked for their honest feedback.


Feeling of discomfort or irritation:

When reading the feedback, we noticed that 6 out of 8 bloggers experienced irritation or discomfort when using conventional tampons or pads (catch up on this here). But did they feel a difference when using organic period care? And did those who didn’t necessarily experience irritation/discomfort before, notice a difference? Let’s find out:


Jade Wylde, Sheffield

“In all fairness, I couldn’t even tell that I was wearing them; I actually forgot that I was wearing the pantyliner it was that comfortable! I had absolutely no reaction to any of the products throughout the whole of my period, something that really surprised me. I’m used to constant irritation and even pain when wearing pads so for that to be absent was both amazing but slightly unnerving- I kept thinking that I’d forgot to put one on. For the first time that I can remember I’ve been able to have a period without having to put up with the extra pain of a ‘pad rash’ as I call them.”


Nicci McShane, London

“Usually, when I use (main brand tampons) I am having to change the tampon every couple of hours, as though there is limited absorption. The TOTM applicator tampons I changed less frequently with great absorption. They also felt more comfortable to wear. I always ‘feel’ a regular tampon, however, these were very comfortable to wear and I felt more protected from any leakages.”


Tejinder Dhillon, London

“I felt very excited to use the TOTM products, especially because I’ve never used organic period care products. In all honesty, I didn’t even know organic products were available and never thought to research them. I felt the applicator tampons were amazing, they felt particularly comfortable. They were easy to use, light as a feather and at no point did I feel any discomfort. The day pads were also fantastic, very comfortable and lightweight. The only negative factor was the pad did not stick well to my panties. I’ve 100% noticed the comfort and the ease of switching to organic cotton.”


Chloe Spacey, London

“I absolutely adored the products, from the simple packaging reminding me of the great charity donations, to the feel of the product. The pads instantly felt like they were amazing quality. The smooth outer packaging, the thickness of the pad – they really were amazing. I also loved that they are the same size as the high street brands, so they easily fit into standard containers. With the applicator tampons, I have, in the past, experienced issues with applicators. Sometimes I’d go through 3 different products, but I never experienced any issues using TOTM products. The product lasted longer and was so much comfier than other brands I have used in the past.”


Sophie Cain, Aberystwyth

“As I hadn’t tried the products before, at first I was wary about whether they would absorb everything properly. I’ve always had an idea that period products contain chemicals, but I passed it off as something they needed to have in them to make them work better. After the first couple of days, I realised that the products were working perfectly fine. I didn’t feel like I was going to leak through to clothing or anything like that – which is a huge relief when at work or university.

When using period products, I usually experience itching, rashes, and discomfort. I didn’t experience any of this when using organic cotton! I know so many other people who also experience these things, and we all put it down to being completely normal. Now, I know that I don’t have to have that discomfort at all and that products are being made every day to eliminate that experience.”


Ella Bradley, Wales

“They were much better than what I would usually use when on my period. Although I still had pains, they were much less frequent and nowhere near as bad! My period lasted the same amount of time as it usually would, but was much lighter than normal.

I normally really struggle with period pain, to the point of passing out or being sick. This has always been the worst after changing my tampon. However, this time I was fine! There was still pain but a huge improvement on what I could get done day-to-day, as I wasn’t crippled by pain. I have also found tampons can be quite itchy and uncomfortable at times, but I didn’t have any of this either. All in all, there was a huge improvement in all aspects of the usual problems I have on my period.”


Shay Stanberry, London

“I felt good mentally knowing that I was using organic and cruelty-free products. There’s something that just felt good about that and made me want to talk to my friends about what we are putting into our bodies.”


Juliet Fisher, Nottingham

“I honestly didn’t feel anything, because it didn’t feel like I was wearing a pad or tampon at all! They were so comfortable and ‘barely there’, that even the thicker pads weren’t noticeable until they’d reached their full capacity, by which time it was not an issue because I’d be changing anyway!

I’ve definitely noticed less irritation. I have very sensitive skin, and a very sensitive vagina, so the perfumes and other ‘added extras’ in certain period products can cause horrible reactions to flare up. I haven’t experienced any of this with TOTM products. The actual cotton is also a lot softer than in other brands I’ve tried, which is ultimately a lot more comfortable and makes being on your period distinctly less of an ordeal.”


Noticing a difference with organic cotton

We asked our consultant gynaecologist, Ms Anne Henderson to explain why there was generally a feeling of more comfort and less irritation when using organic cotton.

Ms Henderson explained that “The reduction in thrush-type symptoms is not surprising as organic, bleach-free products are less likely to disturb the delicate vaginal pH balance, which in turn will lessen the risk of thrush and other infections”. Those experiencing irritation, rashing or thrush-like symptoms, therefore, benefited from using a more natural product made with breathable organic cotton.

Ms Henderson also provided comment on those who didn’t experience irritation beforehand but found organic more comfortable. Ms Henderson told us that “Even people who do not have any specific concerns may benefit from switching to organic products, as they may find them more comfortable to use than synthetic, fragrances ones.”


Outside of the panel

In addition to the panel, we surveyed our repeat customers to get a broader comment on switching to organic period care. We discovered that 2/3 of those surveyed (68 responses in total) noticed a positive improvement when switching to organic cotton!

Will you notice a difference? Check out our range of organic cotton tampons, pads and liners! Choose to subscribe for hassle-free monthly deliveries or try a one-off!

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