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TOTM book club: 3 books talking all about periods


Want to give your reading collection a period powerful boost? We’ve pulled together a list of books that are all about periods and the menstrual cycle.

Time to sit back, relax and take power over your period. Our TOTM book club opens with our top 3 books talking all about menstruation and periods.


Period. By Natalie Byrne:

To kick things off we recommend checking out Period, a modern book about periods that has been created for everyone. This is the book we all wish we had when we first got our periods. It’s honest, factual and has a great sense of humour at the same time! The book is packed full of tips and advice about periods. If you are new to periods, it’s a must-read as it covers everything from how to insert a tampon, to how to generally care for your period. Plus, it features lovely illustrations by the super talented author! This book reminds us that it’s time to break period taboos and normalise such a natural function.

Check out the book here, or catch up with this interview from when TOTM chatted to Natalie Byrne all about her book.


The Happy Balance by Megan Hallett & Nicole Jardim:

This newly released book is all about hormonal health and managing hormones through a plant-based approach. Firstly, a note about the authors; Megan is a plant-based nutrition coach and Nicole (also known as The Period Girl) is a certified Women’s Hormonal Health coach. So you know already you’re in good hands! The book covers important information about hormonal imbalance, the menstrual cycle and what can impact our hormones (from stress to lifestyle). It then provides a whole host of delicious plant-based recipes. Including, smoothies, snacks and wholesome dinners.

Whilst these are plant-based recipes, the authors note they these can be customised to suit your dietary preferences.

Feeling hungry and inspired to infuse your life with hormonal wellness tips? Check out the book here. Keep your eyes peeled as we’ll soon be giving away two copies of the book in our next subscriber giveaway.


Period Power: A Manifesto for the Menstrual Movement by Nadya Okamoto:

Period Power challenges the period taboo and the discriminations this encourages, such as the tampon tax. It inspires the menstrual movement in the US strategizing on how we end this silence. The words come from the inspirational Nadya Okamoto, founder of non-profit organization PERIOD. The book really is for anyone as it looks into the history of period stigma and how this has influenced society in the US. It’s honest, shame-free and empowering. Highlighting how drastic change is needed for true equality.

Ready to be part of the movement? Find out more about the book here.

Reading essentials for anyone keen to learn more about menstruation, take power over hormonal health and drive change for a period powerful future! Stay tuned for more TOTM Book Club reads. Keep watching our socials for the announcement of our giveaway featuring The Happy Balance book by Megan Hallett and Nicole Jardim. Launches in July 2019!

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