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Time to relax: 3 quick tips to help busy people RELAX


Struggling to find time for yourself? If work, social events or family demands are keeping you busy then this post is for you!

Being a full-time girl boss is hard. Let alone being a girl boss who has a calendar dotted with countless events, commitments and priorities.

If you’re constantly on the go, then you’re probably longing for a break. I bet even the thought of a long soak in the bath sounds like a luxury. But, here’s the truth – You need a break. Yes, you have lots to do but you could be putting your body through stress. And we all know how that impacts your health (and your period for that matter)!

You can still be productive AF and find time to relax

It does sound a bit like ‘having your cake and eating it too’ but you can do both. The trick is to find simple ways to quickly relax your body and calm your mind.

Read our top 3 quick tips to help busy people relax below:


Bring some zen to your commute:

Whether you catch the tube, walk, cycle or drive, when you’re rushing to your next appointment or social event, see this as a moment to chill. Put your phone away. Checking emails or social feeds can increase stress levels!  Seeking constant updates on your mobile can be a “toxic source of stress” according to psychologists. You’re on your way somewhere so you’re already being productive. Now’s your chance to calm your body and mind. Take in your surroundings and take deep, full breaths to reduce any post-work anxiety.

If you’re keen for some form of distraction, try listening to a relaxing playlist. Spotify have a useful selection of pre-made playlists. Alternatively, check out these songs that have been recommended by Neuroscientists to help you relax. Just be sure to not relax too much if you are behind the wheel or riding a bike!


Take 5, to write 5:

You can use your phone or a journal for this one. Everyone can spare 5 minutes at some point during the day. Whether it’s when you’re eating lunch/dinner or waiting for the bus. See this as an opportunity to relax and refocus your mind. Repetitive thoughts about work, or what’s next on your list of errands can be exhausting. It can also heighten stress. Instead of focusing on negatives or worrying about what you need to do next, focus on positives from your day. Use your journal (or phone notes) to write these down. Aim to jot down 5 positives. Focus on the small things, even if it’s as simple as ‘I received a lovely text from one of my friends.’ Positive thoughts can soothe the mind. Plus, you’ll slowly compile a journal/list of positive points to reflect on when you’re having a difficult day.


Power shower:

We often associate baths with relaxation but showers can still revive your body. Even if you’re super busy, you can still always find time for a quick shower. Try bringing bath time relaxation to the shower! Use a skin soothing shower gel or use a body scrub to boost circulation and relieve tension in your body. Also, try out shower steamers! Simply place the steamer (looks like a bath bomb) on the shower floor. The hot steam from the shower will diffuse the essential oils in the steamer. As these surround your body you’ll feel like you’re having a super-quick spa experience! I love this Chillax steamer from Miss Patisserie. Infused with Lavender and Rose geranium.
Hopefully this didn’t take up too much of your time but gave you some quick ideas on how to find time to de-stress and relax. If you love these tips, drop us a comment below or tweet us @totmorganic.  

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