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#SwitchStories: Using a menstrual cup for the first time


Curious about trying a reusable menstrual cup? TOTM customer, Natasha shares her experience of using a menstrual cup for the first time. Has she decided to continue using the cup? Read on to find out!

We’re all about periods and are on a mission to help you be period powerful! That’s why this Spring we’re proud to launch our first reusable – the TOTM menstrual cup.

Now we know reusables are not for everyone, and we’re still super proud of our organic cotton period care range. Which can be used alongside a cup for extra protection or to switch things up during your monthly bleed. But if reusables are your thing, then we officially have your back.


Giving a cup a try

Anyone who has used a cup before will tell you it’s a matter of trial and error the first time you use it. There are many differences between a cup and a tampon:

  • It sits lower than a tampon (so placement is important for a secure, comfortable fit)
  • It’s reusable so with you can wash the cup each time you change and reinsert
  • It can be used for multiple periods! Sterilise after each cycle and keep for years and years.

Our customer Natasha was curious about using a cup, so we sent her a TOTM cup ahead of our launch. Here are Natasha’s thoughts on switching to a menstrual cup for one period:


First things first, why did you choose the TOTM cup?

I already used the other products and they are a brand I love and trust.


Please describe your experience when using the cup (as much detail as you would like to share)

When I first used the cup, I had a little trouble inserting it…but once I figured it out it was fine. I wore a sanitary towel the first 2 times I used the cup and only used it when I was at home…just in case. But I feel completely comfortable with the cup now. Feels like there is nothing there.


How did this compare to using a tampon?

When inserted correctly you absolutely cannot feel this at all. I feel like it is more hygienic too. Better for the environment and better for my body.


Did you use the cup alongside another TOTM product when on your period?

Yes, I used the Night pads but eventually just used the cup by itself


Are you happy to continue using the TOTM cup?


So, the verdict is in – Natasha chose to switch to the menstrual cup! If you’re ready for a reusable check out our cups. Use on its own, with an organic cotton liner (for first time use or extra protection) or use in the day switching for a pad at night! The choice is yours. Take power over your period! For more switch stories, catch up with this latest blog from 2 customers who switched from conventional to organic cotton period care.

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