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#SwitchStories: Michelle’s experience using organic cotton period care


Our customer Michelle shares her experience switching to TOTM organic cotton period care. Read her switch story below #SwitchStories


Using tampons was always a bit uncomfortable when I woke up. TOTM has completely changed that.


What is your first name?



Why did you choose to switch to TOTM products?

I attended a bloggers event about 18 months ago and was taken aback by the fact a guy was able to talk to a bunch of girls about sanitary products. I was intrigued and approached. On talking to him and finding out that most products have chemicals in – I was really surprised. I figured… how much can that really make a difference? Well…quite a lot it seems! I switched by using the samples from the event. It wasn’t that the products felt ‘better’, it was more the fact I didn’t feel anything. No itching, no discomfort…nothing. the total lack of any ickiness really surprised me. You don’t need to tell me twice…my body clearly preferred them and the cost is very reasonable.


Had you used organic cotton period care products before using TOTM?

Never heard of them previously. Always thought a tampon was a tampon, guess it’s one of those things we don’t really talk about.


When using conventional period care products (non-organic) did you experience any discomfort or irritation?



What TOTM products did you use/have you trialled?

Applicator tampons

Non-applicator tampons

Day pads



Have you noticed any improvements since switching to organic cotton?

Yes, no itching or discomfort.


Overall, did you find this was a negative or positive experience using the organic products? (Please consider performance, comfort etc)

Really positive, especially at night. In the morning, using tampons I was always a bit uncomfortable when I woke up. TOTM has completely changed that.


Any additional feedback?

If only more people knew about the chemicals used, I think they’d be less likely to use more common brands. You just don’t expect tampons to contain anything unnatural.


How likely are you to continue using TOTM products?

Extremely likely
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