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#SwitchStories: Jo’s experience using the TOTM menstrual cup


Our customer Jo shares her experience switching to our menstrual cup. Read her switch story below #SwitchStories


The cup has actually given me more confidence


What is your first name?



Why did you want to try a menstrual cup

I wanted to try a cup to prevent using so many sanitary products during my periods. I also needed to try to prevent leaking during the day, due to heavy menstrual bleeding and clots.


Why did you choose the TOTM cup?

I was told it was softer than the one I had, and I wanted to support a company like TOTM that promotes sustainability and organic sanitary products. The cup came packaged in sugar cane packaging, and a 100% organic bag, so I knew I was doing the right thing for the environment as well as me.


Please describe your experience when using the cup (as much detail as you would like to share)

I was dubious because the last cup I bought looked exactly the same. I had previously bought the correct size but the rim was quite stiff and – because of this – I felt sick and bruised when I wore it. As soon as I held the TOTM cup, it felt softer and more malleable. Folding it was easier and when it was in, I didn’t feel discomfort at all. I also really appreciate the fact that the bottom of the bell is ridged, so it’s much easier to remove: no losing grip or slipping like you get with a smooth one.


How did this compare to using a tampon?

Personally, there’s no comparison. Even with an applicator, putting a tampon in feels dry and wrong. With a cup, you can measure how much blood loss there is, so it’s easier to monitor, especially if you chart your cycle, like I do.


Did you use the cup alongside another TOTM product when on your period?

Day pads


Are you happy to continue using the TOTM cup?

I will definitely continue to use the cup. As I have menorrhagia, overnight I use TOTM night pads and period pants, but during the day it’s the cup, I only use one day pad as precaution.


Any additional feedback?

As a scared cynic, I did not want to use the cup. I had heard about people trying different ones until they found the right one, but I was unsure. After two difficult births and my heavy periods, I didn’t exactly feel like I had an intact vagina! The cup has actually given me more confidence, but I never would have believed it from anyone else. It’s a very personal choice.



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