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#SwitchStories: Hannah’s experience using organic cotton period care


Our customer Hannah shares her experience switching to TOTM organic cotton period care. Read her switch story below #SwitchStories


After years of using the ‘big brands,’ I started to think that the pain and discomfort were unavoidable and even worse that it was normal


What is your first name?



Why did you choose to switch to TOTM products?

After years of using the ‘big brands,’ I started to think that the pain and discomfort were unavoidable and even worse that it was normal. I came across TOTM when searching for greener alternatives to everyday products and I had started to develop major concerns about putting bleached products (and all the chemicals that come with them) inside my body. After the rave reviews online decided to try them out, the fact that TOTM also donates to some amazing charities sealed the deal for me and I was not disappointed!


Had you used organic cotton period care products before using TOTM?

No I hadn’t.


When using conventional period care products (non-organic) did you experience any discomfort or irritation?

Respondent skipped this question


What TOTM products did you use/have you trialled?

Applicator tampons


Have you noticed any improvements since switching to organic cotton?

Yes, lots! Almost instantly I felt less discomfort and less pain inside. The itching I had experienced during my period for years and years was gone! I also noticed that whilst my period pains were still bad they were actually less painful after I switched.

I will definitely be trying more of the range this month!


Overall, did you find this was a negative or positive experience using the organic products? (Please consider performance, comfort etc)

Respondent skipped this question


Any additional feedback?

The packaging is great, I love that there is no plastic involved and that I can stick everything straight in the paper recycling bin.

The performance of the applicator tampons is equal to any other brand I have used in over 12 years.

I love the branding and again the fact that you donate to charity is really important to me.

Also delivery was super speedy!


How likely are you to continue using TOTM products?

Extremely likely



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