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#SwitchStories: Donna’s experience using the TOTM menstrual cup


Our customer Donna shares her experience switching to our menstrual cup. Read her switch story below #SwitchStories


I think I may have found “The One”


What is your first name?



Why did you want to try a menstrual cup

I wanted to reduce the amount of disposable & plastic products I use. I also hated the thought of all the chemicals in usual period products.


Why did you choose the TOTM cup?

This one popped up on my newsfeed and I instantly loved the fact it was organic, cruelty-free, vegan-friendly AND also a really pretty colour – I can’t resist anything pink!!! I had to try it!


Please describe your experience when using the cup (as much detail as you would like to share)

I didn’t think I’d ever find my “Goldilocks” cup! I suffered a 3rd degree tear giving birth to my first baby 11 years ago and also anterior and posterior prolapse, this alongside the fact I have a low cervix and an IUD made finding a cup that suited me almost impossible, I’ve tried various other brands and various sizes but I’ve always had to cut the stems off because they have made me too sore and rubbed. Normally I can’t get a good seal inside either due to the prolapse problems and the cups would slip down and feel really uncomfortable. I have a heavy flow so most cups I’ve tried have leaked too and I was almost ready to give up! But everything changed when I tried the TOTM cup – it was so easy to insert and sealed straight away, I wore the cup for approx 6 hours the first time and I couldn’t feel it at all. No leaks whatsoever either! It was a like a mini-miracle – I think I may have found “The One”


How did this compare to using a tampon?

Insertion wise, I didn’t find any difference between tampons and a cup. Once you get the hang of the folds, it’s really simple! And a lot easier than you think!


Did you use the cup alongside another TOTM product when on your period?



Are you happy to continue using the TOTM cup?

I won’t go back to using any other products! I really love my new cup and also love the TOTM liners that I got for free on offer with my cup (but will definitely order these again!) they work perfectly together but I could easily use the cup on its own too.


Any additional feedback?

A massive thank you to TOTM!!!



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