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Switching to organic cotton experience

We spotted Natasha’s comments on a Facebook video and reached out to her to see if she would be willing to share her experience. Here’s her story in her own words:

I first decided to try TOTM tampons after seeing an advert on Instagram showing two tampons in glasses of water and fibres shedding from the ‘leading brand’ tampon. It really shocked me.

I showed all of my close friends and female family members, saying ‘OMG have you seen this? Can you believe it!?” I wasn’t aware of the dangers associated with using mainstream tampons until I looked up after seeing the advert.

My friend told me about menstrual cups so I did a little research but decided I wasn’t quite ready for those just yet. I didn’t like the idea of the initial ‘getting used to’ stage and figuring out if I had put it in right or how long until it would be full and all that kind of stuff.

Washable pads weren’t an option for me either, because I don’t like the idea of using pads at all. So, it was great to have a safe alternative that suited my preferences thanks to my newly discovered tampons from TOTM.

The first month I used the TOTM tampons, I still had some Tampax tampons left over, so for the first 3 or 4 days I used those then switched over to TOTM. At that time I didn’t notice any difference physically, but was happy to be safe in the knowledge that I was using a product that was better for my body.

On my next cycle, I used only the TOTM tampons. I think it was day 3 of my period when I went to the bathroom to change and realised I had left the box downstairs in my bag so I searched the bathroom cupboard and found a loose Tampax tampon. This is when I noticed the difference for the first time!

The usual cramps and pains that I suffer with every month reappeared, which made me realise, I hadn’t had ANY of this for 3 days until this point! At first I didn’t make the connection between the pain and the tampons, until I then changed my tampon again, back to the TOTM ones, and the pain subsided completely. I couldn’t believe it. Surely, it couldn’t make that much difference?

If only I had been aware of this sooner.

I hate the thought of what I have put my body through in the last 17 years that I have been using mainstream tampons, and I won’t be going back.

I have seen a few comments on TOTM’s Facebook page about the price and the environmental impact of disposables but I’m happy to pay an extra couple of quid to know I’m using a much, much safer product, and I think it’s great that for those of us who aren’t quite comfortable to use washable pads or cups, to have an alternative.  Plus, TOTM’s 100% organic cotton tampons are biodegradable anyway!

I also love the idea that with TOTM you can have your order personalised to suit your cycle. When my package arrives, I’m reminded that my period is due about a week later. Perfect for a forgetful busy single mum-of-two like me who struggles to remember what day it is; it’s awful being caught out! As soon as they arrive I put two straight in my bag so I know I’m prepared. I highly recommend you give them a try, they’ve made a marked difference to me.

Natasha, from Manchester.

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