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Rituals around relaxation

In a world of constant commitments, increased time spent on technology and generally not enough hours in the day, it is easy to become overwhelmed, tired and stressed. To minimise the negative impacts of a busy schedule, setting out some time for yourself to chill and relax can be significantly advantageous for overall health and wellbeing.

One way to achieve this is to create rituals around relaxation. This can be as simple as switching your phone off, lighting a few candles and doing something nice for yourself such as giving yourself a beauty treatment. Rituals are an important and empowering way of enabling you to re-centre and reconnect with yourself.

There is a tradition in Indian culture that is known as Ayurveda. The Sanskrit medicine of Ayurveda is approximately 2000-5000 years old. Despite its ancient origins, the principle is timeless in the sense that the principles of Ayurveda enable people to manage their overall health and wellbeing to optimum levels.

The word itself translates to ‘knowledge of longevity’ and ‘wisdom of life’. Therefore, it has become incredibly popular in western culture that now has embraced a more holistic approach to health and wellbeing. Teachings of Ayurveda promote the wellbeing of the mind, body and spirit. It embodies the Eastern tradition that goes beyond the idea of health being simply the absence of sickness.

Ayurveda is founded in basic principles. These principles do not simply apply to health, but can be used to explain the world. Since the inception of Ayurvedic principles, hundreds of ancient India texts contain recipes for efficient haircare and skincare. Indian women have been known to have naturally luscious, thick and healthy hair.

The teachings of basic Ayurvedic medicine have been passed down throughout time. The fundamental ideal surrounding Ayurveda is that a person should reach their own independent state of balance holistically. This means finding balance with the mind, body and spirit. Developing rituals can help achieve this.

The art of ritual creation is to set an intention. This enables a person to create a sense of meaning towards a ritual. This can be totally personal and vary from person to person. It could be as simple as to care for yourself.

Alchemy hair oils are applied to the hair through the ritual of a head massage. Whether you have 10 minutes in the morning, half an hour on the weekend or a bit of time before bed, creating a massaging ritual can help you unwind, relax and recharge.

In order to follow out this ritual of self-care, the oil should be applied on to dry hair. Comb the hair and use a small amount of oil to massage the scalp and hair. This should be left for approximately 30-40 minutes so is the perfect “Netflix and chill” opportunity. Wrap your hair in a warm towel to help promote the oil to penetrate the scalp. You could even treat yourself to a manicure or pedicure whilst you leave the oil in. Following this use a clarifying shampoo to remove the oil from your hair and then condition.

Embracing the art of balance through relaxation rituals not only minimise burnouts, they are energising, enabling you to stay upbeat and lifted whenever you feel tired.

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