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Make the switch: 3 positive stats about organic cotton period care

Been thinking of switching to organic cotton period care but yet to take the plunge? There so many positive reasons to go organic on your period from increasing comfort to saving the planet!

Recent studies show that across the UK the majority of us are keen to do our bit to shop sustainably and protect the environment. And in 2021 there are so many ways to have an eco-friendly period.

Periods and the planet (we have a problem)

Conventional period care products contribute to both ocean and landfill plastic through the use of single-use plastic that can be found in both the product and packaging. They also use materials such as rayon and conventional cotton that have a negative impact on the planet during production. According to WEN, menstrual pads can contain up to 90% plastic and conventional products can take thousands of years to decompose.

If you’re not ready for reusable and zero-waste products, organic cotton tampons, pads and liners are the perfect alternative for a more sustainable period.

Here are 3 positive stats about organic cotton period care for you to consider:

99% feel they’ve made a positive change for the planet by using organic cotton period care.

Organic cotton period care is designed to reduce plastic waste and reduce the impact these products have on the planet. For starters, organic cotton is farmed without toxic pesticides (8.2 million tonnes of chemicals are used in conventional cotton farming), makes better uses of water (80% of organic cotton is rainfed) and growing it produces up to 94% less greenhouse gas emissions than conventional cotton. These are such important stats considering the volume in which tampons and pads are produced globally.

Using organic cotton from the core to the cover of a tampon or pad (like we do at TOTM) eliminates the use of conventional cotton and rayon. In addition to using organic cotton, these products also use biodegradable cardboard applicators and 100% recyclable paper wrappers and boxes in place of plastic – another win for the environment!

The use organic and biodegradable materials means that not only do these products have less of a footprint in terms of production, but they also have a lower waste impact.  

82% feel switching to organic cotton period care is more comfortable than conventional products.

Comfort is so important on your period as hormonal changes in your body can cause both physical and emotional changes.

Organic cotton has softer and longer fibres which makes it ideal to use in period care. It’s a super breathable fabric, which is just what you want in the delicate vaginal and vulval area. When it comes to comfort, this statistic is often heavily swayed by pad users who find conventional pads have a “plastic-feel”. This is because they typically contain little to no cotton whatsoever, just synthetic materials such as plastic which traps moisture under the skin and  this can cause discomfort.  

75% experience less irritation with organic cotton period care.

Leading on from comfort, irritation is also an important discussion when it comes to period care. The use of irritants such as fragrance/perfumes, lotions and artificial additives in conventional products means some find they experience irritation on their period. The vagina has a delicate pH balance and even menstrual blood can disrupt it. Additional chemicals, especially perfume, doesn’t benefit the performance of these products however can lead to vaginal itching and irritation.

Organic cotton period care favors a natural approach and doesn’t use any of these chemical additives. The vagina is self-cleaning, and the use of fragrance just perpetuates the myth that periods and vaginas are dirty. We’re so encouraged to see that so many experienced less irritation when using organic cotton – good news for vaginas everywhere.

If you’re ready to make the switch to organic cotton period care then why not explore our online shop and find the best option for you from the UK’s largest range of organic cotton period care.

*Stats from a survey carried out by TOTM with 347 respondents

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