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Periods + pampering: 4 tips for the ultimate pamper sesh

Got your period or feeling a bit rundown? Time to stop and take some time out for yourself. We’re giving you plenty of ideas for the ultimate pampering session!

Here’s a scenario that probably sounds very familiar: Your period arrives (or is due to arrive) and suddenly, your body has a bit of a meltdown. You start to feel uncomfortable, in pain and tired. These are just a few joys of menstruation. But without getting caught up in the negative, let’s look at the positive. Use your period as a reminder to look after yourself. Those few days of bleeding are a chance to care for your body.

Hey, we all get caught up in the rush

We’re all guilty of neglecting our own wellbeing. Between hectic work schedules, family demands and never-ending errands it’s easy to burn out. But truth is, stress is not good for your body. The stress hormone can suppress the effectiveness of the immune system. If you’re feeling stressed and experience heavy periods then you could really be putting your body through its paces.  Heavy periods can result in iron-deficiency, which can leave you feeling highly fatigued.

Take care of YOU

Yes, I did just quote the film Pretty Woman. But this is great advice. You are important and to be your ‘best self’ you need to put yourself first sometimes. So, if you’re on your period or your period is due, it’s time to take this advice on board. Mute your phone and indulge in a bit of pampering. Even if you can only spare half an hour, it can still make a difference.

Try these tips for a period pampering sesh:

  • Put on a mask

Now, i’m not talking about a Halloween mask. I’m talking about face masks and maybe even a hair mask. Hormones increase oil production resulting in greasier skin and hair. It’s time for a refresh! I recommend using a hair mask that you can use on dry hair. It will need washing out afterwards but it’s ideal for evening pampering. You simply need to remember to wash your hair the next morning.  Run the hair mask through your hair and pin back into a bun to let the goodness infuse each strand of hair.

Next step, face mask. With your hair out the way, start by washing your face with your favourite face wash and gently pat the skin dry. Apply a face mask, focussing on the areas of concern. If you have got that ‘oily period skin’ try a natural mineral mud mask (such as this one). It will help remove excess oils and impurities to take down those annoying period pimples.

  • Bathe like a goddess

Keep the mask on and run a steamy bath! Add a sumptuous bath oil infused with essential oils. Use relaxing lavender or uplifting geranium essential oils. If you do not have a bath, use a therapeutic shower oil. Soak your skin and warm up your body. Treat your skin to a scrub and massage in the bath/shower oil. Take 10/15 minutes to bathe. This is ideal if you’re suffering painful period cramps. The heat will help soothe the pain and ease discomfort.

  • Bring the spa to your house

After your bath/shower, gently wash off your face mask and apply a rich body butter. Dress for comfort and warmth to maintain the heat your body has gained from bathing. Next step, is a DIY spa treatment. Whether that is painting your nails/toes in your favourite autumn shade, or a mini-5-minute face massage. If you suffer from PMS aches (aches in other areas of the body or joints) then try a gentle massage. To relieve tension and muscle pain, try adding a few drops of essential oil to the affected area and use a massage roller. This requires minimum effort but can help you soothe aches and pains.

Simple 5-minute spa-style treats such as this can really lift your mood whilst bringing calm to your body.

  • The rest is up to you

Your body will now feel relaxed, relieved and calm. Now’s your chance to do something you enjoy. Whether that’s reading a book, watching a guilty pleasure series on Netflix or a craft hobby. Do whatever you enjoy, but opt for a low-energy hobby. Hormonal changes during your cycle can send your emotions into a spin. An hour of indulging in your favourite past time or hobby can help elevate your mood.

And that’s it…for now! This month we’ll be sharing lots of lovely self-care tips including a guide to help you up your bath game, and breathing techniques to help you relax.  Stay tuned! Don’t forget this month we’re also collaborating with vegan skincare brand Miss Patisserie to give our subscribers an exclusive 40% off at Plus, we’ll be launching a collaboration Instagram giveaway on October 13th. Follow us on Instagram to join in!

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