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Period leaks: What’s the best way to remove this from clothing?


Period leaks are difficult to avoid. We can come on unexpectedly, underestimate how heavy our flows are or think our periods are over and they make a surprise re-appearance. We have all been there! In this blog, we are giving you tips on the best ways to remove those unwanted bloodstains caused by period leaks.

When we experience a period leak, we can automatically feel embarrassed and panic. Despite period blood being so natural and normal, the sight of a blood stain is often met with a negative reaction. The negative reaction leads to these feelings of panic and embarrassment. But WHY is something so natural met with such shame and negativity? Unfortunately, periods are still a taboo. There has been huge progress when it comes to changing this. For example, the government have pledged to prove free period products to schools and menstrual wellness is being added to the school curriculum. This highlights how attitudes are slowly but surely changing, and hopefully, period stains will soon just be accepted for what they are.

We believe in a world free from period shame and negativity towards periods, so this blog isn’t to suggest you should fear the ‘red stain’ on your underwear and clothing. But, it’s never ideal when you come on unexpectedly and leak over your favourite pair of underwear or trousers! We’re driven to make sure you’re equipped to eradicate these blood stains.


Firstly, do not panic!

As much as we would all like to avoid the situation, it does happen. Whether it’s a little stain in your pants, or a full leak through to your clothes – It happens to us all. If you do experience a leak in public and feelings of panic or shame start to arise, repeat these 4 things to yourself:
– Period blood is not dirty.
– I am not alone. This happens to so many people.
– Nearly half of the population have periods. They are normal and natural.
– I am grateful for having a period. They are powerful and there wouldn’t be life without them.
Use these positive affirmations to reframe your thinking in this situation and help control your reaction. Having a positive approach and mentality to these situations will prevent embarrassing feelings and helps others to have the same reaction and normalise these stains.


Think sink!

Okay, let’s get onto removing the stains. Start off by running the clothing and pants under cold water as soon after the leak as possible. This obviously isn’t ideal when you are out and about in public, so It’s best to always keep a spare pair of pants in your bag just in case you are caught in a leak situation. They don’t take up any room and come in very handy. If you are out and about without spare clothing or underwear, try these tips and use the bathroom hand-dryer to quickly dry them.


Just add salt

Mixing some salt with cold water can also aid in stain removal as it’s abrasive (it’s made up of little crystals) and absorbent.
If you need a quick fix, saline solution also works well. Never try to rub out the stain as it only makes the problem worse. You will end up rubbing the blood deeper into the fabric. Put the salt and water mix or saline solution on the stain, leave for a few minutes and then rinse.


Easy peasy lemon squeezy

A natural at home solution for tougher or older stains is lemon juice. We wouldn’t recommend this technique on darker fabrics as colour loss may occur. Putting lemon juice directly on the stain works wonders due to the acidity of lemons. This is a cheap and effective way to breakdown those pesky stains.


Onto soaking

This one takes slightly longer but is very effective. Soak the stained items in hot, soapy water for a few hours as this will breakdown the blood. To quicken up the stain removal process, add some salt to the water. Make sure you run the garment under cold water before putting it in the washing machine.

We hope this blog has left you confident you can take power over a period leak! What are your top tips for removing period stains? Let us know in the comments below or chat with us on socials.

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