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Natural home remedies to soothe headaches on your period

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Do you suffer from PMS headaches or ‘menstrual migraines’? We’ve pulled together 4 natural remedies to help you relieve tension and discomfort.

According to stats, 60% of women experience ‘menstrual migraines’. So, if you’re prone to getting a headache on the build-up to your period, you’re not alone! For some people, a throbbing head can also be accompanied by nausea, fatigue and other pains in the body. Whilst severe symptoms should always be checked up on with a trip to the GP, there are also natural ways to ease this PMS related pain.

Why do we get PMS headaches?

Yet again your hormones are to blame! Throughout your cycle, your hormones will naturally fluctuate. Changes to estrogen and progesterone levels can cause headaches (and other PMS symptoms).

Easing a PMS headache, naturally

If you prefer a natural remedy, then here are 4 methods to consider to ease and soothe your headache:

Pressure point massage

Acupressure is a natural pain relief method, based on traditional Chinese medicine. It’s said that by stimulating points in the body you can relieve blockages and can speed up your body’s own healing response. With acupressure, you use your fingers to press away tension. It can be really relaxing so can also help you unwind at the same time – bonus.

If your forehead is feeling tense using your index finger and thumb, press gently on the crease of the thumb on your opposite hand. Place your right thumb on the base of your left thumb. Press gently. Using your index finger, also press this area on the palm side of your hand. Gently press this point and take deep breaths.

Magnesium bath

Good news for bath lovers! If your PMS headache is leaving you feeling rundown, then a bath might be just what you need. It can ease stress and muscle tension that can worsen your headache.

Top tip is to add magnesium salts (or Epsom salts) to the bath water. Hormonal fluctuations can lead to low magnesium levels, which can worsen PMS symptoms. A magnesium bath is a natural way to absorb this nutrient into the body. Magnesium reduces inflammation and pain in the body, so it can also ease menstrual cramps.

If baths aren’t your ‘thing’ but you need a magnesium boost, whip up a magnesium-rich smoothie. Try an avocado, banana and almond milk blend.

Willow bark

Willow bark is known as a natural pain relief. It contains salicin which is similar to a component found in aspirin. Willow bark is often hailed as a go-to natural solution for headaches, and it’s also linked to menstrual cramp relief.

To give this a go, try brewing up a willow bark tea, or you can also find body balms containing willow bark which will absorb naturally in the skin. Just remember, it’s advisable to always check allergy ingredients when trying any plant remedy.

Hormonal balance

Our final tip tackles the root cause of PMS headaches and can help long-term sufferers. Whilst hormones naturally fluctuate, a hormonal imbalance can also worsen PMS symptoms.  If your period arrives with a whirlwind of PMS discomfort, including headaches, then it’s advisable to see an expert who can advise on how to keep your hormones in check. There are several factors that can disrupt hormonal balance; diet and stress play a crucial role for example. A holistic therapist or medical expert can help you restore hormonal balance.

Websites such as Doctify can help you locate experts in a range of fields that are in your area.

Most importantly, if you have a PMS a headache, remember to look after yourself. Self-care is always important and is sometimes you really need this when your period. Catch up with our top self-care tips here. Or if you have any helpful tips, drop them in the comments below. 

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