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#NationalSiblingsDay: What my siblings mean to me…

Being a sibling means different things to each of us. Whether it’s tears, tantrums or laughs – we all share endless amounts of memories.

In honour of National Siblings Day a few of the team here at the TOTM hub wanted to share our personal anecdotes of the ways our siblings inspire us and what they mean to us.

Brooke: “My brother is my rock”

My big bro Nick was the biggest pain in my arse growing up as kids. He’d terrorise me, force me to play ‘Royal Rumble’ and throw worms at me. Despite him being annoying as hell, I always looked up to him. Secretly, I wanted to hang out with him and his cool older friends. Lots of time has passed since then and in that time, we have developed a magical bond. We lost our beautiful Mum to cancer in 2008, and without my brothers support I dread to think how I would’ve coped. His strength and courage, gave me strength and courage. Nick showed me that life can continue, and time heals all wounds. He taught me that “goodbyes are not forever, goodbyes are not the end…they simply mean we’ll miss you – until we meet again!” Despite our precious Mum no longer being here, I see her in my amazing brother. For that, I am eternally grateful.

Daisy: “My sister showed me what kind of mum I’d like to be”

My sister is only 22 months older than me so we’ve always been incredibly close. Although she will tell you that there was a time during secondary school where she found me annoying and did everything she could to avoid me! I was probably a bit too keen for her to like me because I thought she was the coolest person ever.

At 28 and 30 we are now more like best friends than anything else and only six weeks apart in our pregnancies (my first and her second) and we’re both having boys! Watching her become a mum was amazing as she took to it so naturally, even with extra bumps in the road as my nephew was born with a cleft lip. I have learnt so much from her about coping – and thriving – with all the new challenges of motherhood. Her son, Caspar, is a testament to the awesome job she’s done. My aim over the coming months is to stay calm, positive and organised like her and hope that I can do half as well as she has. She’s also going to be my maid of honour in October so this is a particularly special year for us as sisters.

Fee: “Me and my brothers have an unbreakable bond”

Growing up with two older brothers meant I never had boundaries on what interests were suitable ‘for a little girl.’ I liked Barbie’s and WWF wrestling. Some days I practiced dance and others I played football. I always tried to impress my brothers and be part of their world. I have some amazing childhood memories when the three of us would get up to all sorts of adventures. I always felt proud to be their little sister and felt safe because I knew they would always protect me. Although they could be too protective; sometimes it felt like I had brought two personal bodyguards to the school disco! It’s not always been plain sailing. Like any other siblings, we’ve had our fair share of fights and tantrums over the years. but, we are supportive of each other and have an unbreakable bond. They will always be my bossy older brothers and I will always be their annoying little sister.

Alex: “My sisters are my role models”

When we were younger, my sisters Lauren and Lucy and I had a love/hate relationship. We would go from screaming matches about who deserved to sit in the front seat, to covering for each other if we did something naughty. One minute we would be making videos together pretending we were in a girl band. The next we would be tackling each other off the computer seat in a bid to get first go on MSN. At the time, I used to think to myself “I wish I was an only child”. But, hindsight is a beautiful thing. Now, I can’t even begin to imagine how boring my younger years would have been without the two of them.

One thing that has never changed is how much we look up to one another, stick up for each other and be there for each other. I will always envy how talented, smart and naturally beautiful Lucy is. Her ability to achieve the highest grades in her A levels; complete half marathons at the age of 18; and smash all her guitar examinations inspires me to work harder. Lauren’s confidence and selflessness is so admirable. Going from someone obsessed with food and moving as little as possible. To someone who hit a five stone weight loss and walked a marathon around London through the night to raise money for cancer is so inspiring. I am so proud of them both and look forward to watching them flourish in the years to come.

We would love to hear about the ways your siblings have inspired you. Comment below or on any of our social media channels with the hashtag #TOTMTalk to get involved!

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