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My First Week at TOTM…

Our new Social, Comms and Content Executive Alex talks tampon subscriptions, period shaming and period taboo following her first week here at TOTM Hub.

I’m sure all females have, at some point, found themselves in that dreaded situation. It’s 3AM, you discover mother nature has made a sudden appearance, but to your horror the tampon box is empty. That dreaded situation where you discover you’ve run out of products completely, but it feels like there are tiny ninjas attacking your uterus. And if you were to leave the house, you may die (no exaggeration). This is a situation I’ve found myself in more than once and have on numerous occasions thought to myself, “why has no one invented a tampon/pad delivery service?!”. So, I was delighted when I discovered TOTM. Both for the scenario above, and for my own career.

After graduating with a degree in Fashion Promotion, and beginning the dreaded ‘adult job search’, I came across a TOTM job ad. They were looking for a social media, communications, and content executive. A position that epitomised the basis of my degree, and gave the opportunity to work for a company with the same ideologies and values as my own. As someone who is a huge health advocate, their messages of self-love and being kinder to your body was something that really engaged me and connected with me on a personal level. So, I had no hesitation when it came to applying for the role.

Much to my delight, I was offered the position and have since become immersed in an environment that wants to empower women, and where the subject of periods is far from taboo.

The view from inside TOTM Hub


Instead of the office desks being adorned with the traditional stationary sets, it’s become normal to see desks covered in different tampons and menstrual products. It was sitting at my new desk that I felt, I suppose, humour, as I reminisced about the times throughout school where my friends and I would try to tactfully hide a tampon in our fist before darting to the toilet; or let out a heavy cough to avoid anyone in the toilet hearing the tampon wrapper opening.

Joining just in time for International Women’s Day

With International Women’s Day in mind, I got thinking about the concept of periods being taboo. Why do some people still believe periods should be a private matter amongst women? Why did they ever feel this way? After all, periods are in fact completely normal. Yet, traditional society norms lead women to be ashamed of their menstrual cycle and shy away from it.

International Women’s Day is all about being bold for change and I think the taboo that surrounds periods is something that needs to change. Negative attitudes that surround menstruation have a huge impact on women over the world. It came to my attention that restrictions apply to women in India in regards to things they can touch and foods they can prepare. Something that is, in fact, so natural has been lead to define these women’s daily lives. These attitudes extend to Japan, where women are not allowed to be sushi chefs because of their menstrual cycles. This is due to the claim that they do not have a steady taste during this time of the month. Women are essentially being restricted of the same opportunities as men due to their menstrual cycle – something completely out of their control.

This year on International Women’s Day, we want you to join us and #BeBoldForChange, by helping to cut away the shame that surrounds menstruation. We hope to not only disrupt the feminine hygiene market, but traditional society norms as well, making women everywhere comfortable to talk about their cycles.

Alex (Social, Comms and Content) – TOTM

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