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Is organic cotton period care worth it?


The conversation surrounding alternative, sustainable period care products is on the rise. But why are these becoming increasingly popular? Is switching to organic cotton period care really worth it? Let’s discuss.


Conventional period care products.

Moving away from the products that you have always used and trusted can be daunting. Perhaps your parent/guardian told you to use these when you got your first period and you’ve never questioned it. It’s fair to say that for many of us these are products that we often just use on autopilot.

For many years, a handful of big period care brands have dominated the market. But things are changing. We are seeing a rise in organic cotton disposables as well as reusables such as menstrual cups and period pants. If you are now thinking of how to switch up your period care, we want to break things down and discuss why you should consider switching to an alternative. Here we’re looking at organic cotton period care, talking about how these are different and why they have a higher price point.


First things first, why are these different from conventional products?

Here is an example of the main differences between conventional pads and organic cotton pads.
Top sheet
Conventional: Polyolefins (plastic)
Organic: 100% Organic Cotton

Conventional: A mix of wood cellulose, rayon, polyester (plastic)
Organic: 100% Organic Cotton

Conventional: Polyolefins (plastic)
Organic: Cornstarch

Conventional: Adhesive
Organic: Non-toxic adhesive

Conventional: Polyolefins (plastic)
Organic: Cornstarch biofilm


Now, let’s talk price…

One of the first things many people notice when making the switch from conventional to organic period care is the difference in price.
If you’re used to using the ‘bargain’ brands then yes, organic products are higher in price. But the thing is, organic period care can’t be compared to conventional products. Organic period care products are completely different. A key difference is that conventional period care products use materials such as plastic, rayon and conventional cotton (which is produced on a mass scale using toxic pesticides). Alternative disposables avoid unnecessary plastic and if they use organic cotton, this is more expensive to produce.


So why is organic more expensive to produce?

Organic cotton is grown and processed in a way that protects the environment and farmer wellbeing, which is reflected in the cost. There are no harmful pesticides or insecticides used to enhance growth, so it takes more manpower and time. The working conditions are safe and hygienic, the workers are paid a living wage, working hours are not excessive and harsh/inhumane treatment is prohibited. For us (as an ethical brand), these things will always be prioritised and we know this is important to our customers. We only use GOTS certified organic cotton in our tampons, pads and liners and try to price these are fairly as possible. We’re proud to be one of the most competitively priced organic brands on the market.


The comfort of organic cotton

There is a noticeable difference in quality and comfort when it comes to organic cotton period products. Organic cotton is a breathable material with gentle fibres that feel soft against your skin. We often hear feedback from our customers such as, “It feels like I’m not wearing anything” and “I no longer dread my period.” Some customers even tell us they experience a reduction in irritation and pain when on their period.

Irritation and discomfort caused by conventional period care products could be a result of the use of plastic and chemical additives such as fragrance and superabsorbents.


Your period is personal

Despite the difference between organic and conventional period care, it’s understandable that not everyone can access these products. Up until now, there has been no transparency as to what goes into the period products despite that fact these have been ‘trusted’ for decades. These products are regulated as medical devices which means manufacturers are not required to disclose ingredients on the pack. This means you could know more about what your face moisturiser contains than your tampon!

There is no right or wrong when it comes to what you use on your period. It is personal and you should use what suits your period, your lifestyle and your budget. If organic products don’t fit with your requirements, then that is fine. Perhaps a reusable would be a sustainable and more accessible option, as these are both eco-friendly and can save you lots of money in the long run. But not everyone gets along with reusables, so our advice is always – Find what works for you.


What our customers say

For those of you who feel motivated to make the switch to organic products after reading this, here are a few comments from our customers about whether or not they think organic is worth it.

“Your products are perhaps a little more expensive, however, periods are now comfortable and irritation free…priceless”

“I’m saving way more much money using your products! My periods are lighter and shorter so I’m using up less tampons so I’ve actually got a back-log of them now so I’ve been able to edit/pause my order which has meant saving money! Also, in my opinion, you can’t put a price on helping the environment and your own body.”

“Can totally vouch for how more comfortable TOTM pads are – I also sometimes don’t notice its there, and feel less pain and irritability!”

“So worth it!! They will change your life and help our planet!”

“I actually found I was spending less money switching to using your products as I go through less products as my periods are a lot lighter since switching and shorter in length!”

Do you think organic products are worth the price? Let us know in the comments below or chat with us on socials.



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