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Is organic cotton period care worth it?

Pile of TOTM organic cotton products

We’re comparing conventional period care products with organic cotton to ask the question, is buying organic period care worth it?

Conventional period care products – what’s the issue?

Our 2021 survey via One Poll discovered that over 50% of women don’t feel confident they know what their period care products are made from. This is not surprising considering that period care manufacturers are not legally required to list product ingredients on the box.

So what are these products made from? Studies by environmental groups have revealed that conventional products contain high amounts of plastic, conventional cotton and synthetic additives such as fragrance. Across socials and online, there’s been so much discussion on this topic and plastic-free periods. This explains why sustainable period care has become increasingly popular.

First things first, what’s the difference between organic cotton and conventional products?

To give an idea of the differences between conventional products and organic cotton alternatives, we’ve provided a breakdown that compares main brand pads to organic cotton pads:

Top sheet
Conventional: Polyolefins (plastic), superabsorbent polymer (SAP), fragrance and dyes
Organic: 100% Organic Cotton

Conventional: A mix of wood cellulose, rayon, polyester (plastic)
Organic: 100% Organic Cotton

Conventional: Polyolefins (plastic)
Organic: Cornstarch

Conventional: Adhesive
Organic: Non-toxic adhesive

Conventional: Polyolefins (plastic)
Organic: Cornstarch biofilm

Now, let’s talk price…

When considering making the switch to organic cotton period care you may notice a difference in the price. Conventional products use cheaper materials such as plastic which reflects in the overall product cost. Organic cotton uses ethical farming practices that are kinder to the environment but this does make it a more expensive material.

So why is organic more expensive to produce?

Organic cotton is grown and processed in a way that protects the environment and farmer wellbeing, which is reflected in the cost. There are no harmful pesticides or insecticides used to enhance growth, so it takes more manpower and time. The working conditions are safe and hygienic, the workers are paid a living wage, working hours are not excessive and harsh/inhumane treatment is prohibited. For us (as an ethical brand), these things will always be prioritised and we know this is important to our customers. We only use certified organic cotton that’s to complies with GOTS standards. We do however try to price our tampons, pads and liners as fairly as possible. We’re proud to be one of the most competitively priced organic brands on the market.

The comfort of organic cotton

There is a noticeable difference in quality and comfort when it comes to organic cotton period products. Organic cotton is a breathable material with gentle fibres that feel soft against your skin. We often hear feedback from our customers such as, “It feels like I’m not wearing anything” and “I no longer dread my period.” Some customers even tell us they experience a reduction in irritation and pain when on their period.

Irritation and discomfort caused by conventional period care products could be a result of the use of plastic and chemical additives such as fragrance and super-absorbents.

Your period is personal

It’s important to use products on your period care that you feel comfortable with. If you’re looking to make a sustainable switch but find organic cotton products too expensive, then there are great cost-effective reusable options such as menstrual cups or reusable pads. But there is no right or wrong when it comes to what you use on your period. It is personal and you should use what suits your period, your lifestyle and your budget – Find what works for you.

As a purpose-led brand, we’re on a mission to make sustainable, quality period care more widely accessible. So we’re working hard to continually develop our range to offer more options that fit all different budgets. We also donate our range to period dignity causes throughout the UK.

What our customers say about our organic range

For those of you who would like to make the switch to organic products after reading this, here are a few comments from our customers about whether or not they think organic is worth it.

“Your products are perhaps a little more expensive, however, periods are now comfortable and irritation free…priceless”

“I’m saving way more much money using your products! My periods are lighter and shorter so I’m using up less tampons so I’ve actually got a back-log of them now so I’ve been able to edit/pause my order which has meant saving money! Also, in my opinion, you can’t put a price on helping the environment and your own body.”

“Can totally vouch for how more comfortable TOTM pads are – I also sometimes don’t notice its there, and feel less pain and irritability!”

“So worth it!! They will change your life and help our planet!”

“I actually found I was spending less money switching to using your products as I go through less products as my periods are a lot lighter since switching and shorter in length!”

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