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Instagram’s period pioneers: 6 period powerful accounts to check out this week

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Get inspired by our roundup of 6 period pioneering accounts on Instagram. Check them out for a dose of period powerful inspo every day!

We love that Instagram is home to a taboo-smashing menstrual movement. There are so many accounts producing inspirational content and doing amazing things to make us all feel period powerful. Truth be told, this could be a long blog with a list of accounts and pioneers. But we’ve put together an easy to digest round up of 6 accounts. We’ve gone for a BIG mix with accounts from around the world.

Have a read, take a look and join the movement!


6 period pioneering Instagram accounts to check out:


The Clams

Dubbed the ‘Clamstagram’ this account is a visual treat with a truly meaningful message.  The Clams are a Melbourne based team of ‘feminist water ballerinas.’ Instantly recognisable from their red swimsuits and white hats, The Clams work on ground-breaking performances. They are not afraid to address ‘taboo topics’ including periods (Crimson Tide) and sex (Better Wetter). Their Instagram documents their journey with amazing images of the team, and positive tips/quotes!


Annie Wong (HeadExplodie)

Annie is a stop motion and GIF artist who shares her work on Instagram. Her most recent project to date, Ovary Actions is a taboo-busting modern piece of creative genius. If you are yet to discover this work, then we urge you to take a look. Annie’s work includes an animation of a menstrual cup surfing a red wave, and a gift box pouring with red slim (monthly gift, get it?). Each animation includes a meaningful snippet explaining the artist’s vision and we love that Annie throws in personal anecdotes about her period. Annie’s Instagram account gives you a closer look at her work and a chance to get to know the artist behind this amazing work.


Put a cup in it

Kimberly Rosas and Amanda Hearn run this unique Instagram account all about (you guessed it) menstrual cups! This fun yet informative account celebrates the menstrual cup. It includes tips, advice, and insights on different cups and brands. But they don’t stop there! You can also expect lots of talks about periods and vaginas. We love that this account offers something different. Menstrual cups still remain a puzzle for many. Yet Kimberly and Amanda are producing content that helps you out and entertains at the same time.


Fem Project

We’re big fans of the Fem project, an LA-based initiative set up by Isabel Fields in 2016. The Fem Project does amazing work providing menstrual products to homeless people in LA. Alongside this work, they are also Instagram pioneers! The Fem Project Instagram account is a mix of important topics; health, periods, women’s rights, body positivity (and that’s just a quick overview). It’s an account to look to for inspiration, advice/tips and to be part of a community. Even if (like us) you’re not based in the USA, you can still join in and support the mission. Don’t miss out!



The Enviromenstrual campaign set up by WEN has its own space on Instagram. We’re proud to back this campaign that it all about managing periods, without damaging the planet. The campaign is new, so naturally, the Instagram account is only a month old to date! But it’s one for follow to get behind the #PeriodsWithoutPlastic movement. You’ll have a chance to learn about products and the eco-impact as well as get involved in the campaign with petitions and crowdfunding opportunities.


This Endo Life

Endometriosis affects 1 in 10 women.  The community of Endo Warriors on Instagram is truly inspirational. As a brand passionate about raising awareness we love engaging with this community and in the process have come across period pioneer Jessica Duffin. Jess manages This Endo Life on Instagram, an account all about ‘Living & thriving with Endometriosis.’ This account not only includes updates on new episodes from the This Endo Life podcast. It also includes amazing tips and insights from this community.

Special shout out to anyone using Instagram to raise awareness of a reproductive health condition or issue. Like Jess, you are all true period pioneers!

We hope you enjoyed our roundup of period pioneering Instagram accounts. And don’t forget to stay tuned and follow the TOTM Instagram account too – we couldn’t sign off the post without plugging our own account, of course! More Period Powerful updates coming soon.

Which pioneering accounts do you love going to for Period Powerful Inspo? Drop details below.

Photo credit: @CharlesDeluvio

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