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How you can be #PeriodPowerful


Forget faddy diets and flaky January resolutions. Make a difference in 2018 and join us in being #PeriodPowerful

It’s a New Year, a fresh start and a time for change. In 2018, period shaming is not welcome. We want to make this the year to be #PeriodPowerful. Here’s how:


Know more about the products you’re using

For way too long, conventional period care brands have managed to get away with not being open about the ingredients in tampon and pads. The vagina is one of the most absorbent parts of the body. You deserve to know more about the products you’re using. So, let’s shake off what’s been accepted as ‘the norm’.

Over the last few years, there’s been lots of discussion around skincare, body care and cosmetic ingredients. Now it’s time to talk about period care. And it’s not just for your health! Conventional products are also more damaging to the planet, containing cotton (considered a ‘dirty crop’), plastics and using non-biodegradable materials that clog up landfills.

#PeriodPowerful inspo:
There are so many alternatives available; biodegradable organic cotton tampons/pads and menstrual cups, for example. Find out more about the products you’re using and find what works for YOU.


Don’t be afraid to talk about your period

Periods are not shameful and should not be treated like a dirty little secret confined to the toilet cubicle. Periods are an important part of menstrual health and the more we talk about periods the more we learn. Even if it’s a casual chat with friends about tampons or a conversation with a Doctor about irregular changes to your cycle – never be afraid to speak up.

#PeriodPowerful inspo:
Spread positivity by talking openly and honestly about periods. If you’re yet to embrace period talk, we challenge you to go for it this year. Share your tips, seek advice and generally don’t shy away. Also, take a stand against shame. Question those who label periods as ‘disgusting’. Let’s pop these negative conversations into a time capsule, and lock them away in the past – where they belong!


Learn more about your menstrual health and wellbeing

This links with talking openly about your period and not shying away from the topic. Your period can tell you a lot about your health. If you’re experiencing symptoms that are impacting your everyday life, consult a GP or medical expert. Remember, menstrual wellbeing is not just linked to your actual period. It affects how you feel every month thanks to our hormones and the changes that occur in the body during menstruation.

#PeriodPowerful inspo:
Firstly, listen to your body and do right by your body. If you’re suffering from uncomfortable symptoms, address the issue. If you do have an underlying condition, don’t feel isolated. Look to awareness campaigners who are actively talking about menstrual conditions such as Endometriosis and PCOS. Join these communities. It’s an excellent way to speak to others about recognising and managing symptoms. Expect to see lots of movement on this one from TOTM in 2018 with the help of our period powerful pioneers!


Give others power over their period

Periods are uncomfortable, but imagine not having access to period care products? This is the case for many people across the world. It’s an issue that is even close to home here in the UK. Homeless people and young people from low-income families struggle every month to get products that they need to menstruate with dignity.

#PeriodPowerful inspo:
As a company, we support these initiatives and in 2018 will be partnering with a charity supporting homeless and vulnerable people. We’ll be donating products to this charity to provide pads to those who need them. You can also make a difference! Look out for local period care donation drives in your local area. Alternatively, carry around extra tampons or pads in your handbag to give directly to someone who needs it. Alongside helping those who cannot afford products, you could also be a superhero to someone in a public bathroom who’s got caught short on their period. Another amazing way to be #PeriodPowerful!


Recognise that periods are not exclusive

Everyone should learn about periods no matter their gender, background or location in the world. Menstrual health and wellness should be a prime health topic. This is important to once again stamp out period shame. The shame that casts a shadow over menstrual health and wellness. This shame can lead to misdiagnosis of conditions and bizarre myths that put periods in a bad light.

#PeriodPowerful inspo:
Change attitudes about periods and spread the message that periods at not exclusive. Accept that people menstruate and welcome anyone talking about periods. Try using more gender inclusive terminology. Let’s support those who are trying to make a difference.

Will you join us and be #PeriodPowerful? Share, use the hashtag and tell us how you’re going to be #PeriodPowerful in 2018.

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