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How to manage hormonal breakouts

We all experience a range of symptoms during the monthly cycle; cramps, fatigue, bloating. For many women, hormonal breakouts are also a common problem that can be very frustrating.

Hormonal acne may not be as severe as debilitating period cramps but it can be difficult to control.

You can thank your hormones!

Yes, you heard it, it’s related to our hormones. The hormonal changes leading up to your period can cause these unwanted breakouts. That’s why it’s often referred to as premenstrual acne.

These changes put the sebaceous glands in your skin into overdrive. As a result, you produce more oil and this enlarges your pores. A combination of oily skin and open pores is the ideal recipe for a large pimple. It traps bacteria on the skin and slows down cell turnover.

Managing hormonal breakouts

There’s no magic cure but a little bit of preparation can help control hormonal breakouts. To help you prepare your skin I’ve curated a few easy to practice skincare tips. I received most of this advice when working for a premium skincare brand. I apply these to my own routine and whilst I still get the odd breakout, I do find my skin easier to manage.

1) Opt for a lighter moisturiser

If your skin is producing more oil, it’s important to limit the amount of product you apply to your face. A heavy moisturiser or serum will leave your skin feeling greasy and this in turn will clog pores. I wouldn’t advise completely skipping moisturiser altogether. Your skin can overcompensate for the lack of moisture and this can make it oily.

If your skin is oilier, opt for a lighter (gel-based) moisturiser. If your skin is only oily in the lead up to your period, then switch a week before. When looking to omit oily products from your regime also address foundation and concealers. If these have an oilier base look for an oil-free alternative to prevent those hormonal breakouts.

2) Stay hydrated

Many skincare blogs will push the benefits of drinking more water. It’s because water can do wonders for your skin. Hydrated skin regulates oil production and has a healthy cell turnover. When your cell turnover is healthy, you will see a clearer, glowing complexion.

To make the most of this tip, it’s important to always stay hydrated rather than suddenly drink pints of water. A sudden intake of water can flush bacteria from the skin, which can cause a breakout. I would recommend making this part of your daily routine.

3) Gentle exfoliation

When your skin is oily or inflamed it can be tempting to look for a heavy-duty exfoliator. This can make your problem worse. Astringent cleansers and harsh cleansers can irritate breakouts and anger the skin. To sweep away the oil and skin cells without stripping the skin try gentle exfoliation.

To work this into your routine, try using an exfoliating product once or twice a week.

4) Feed your skin

To maintain healthy skin all month around don’t just focus on the outside. It’s important to nourish your skin from the inside too. Try adding skin-boosting foods such as avocados, blueberries and leafy greens to your diet.

Start by swapping refined sugar and processed food for fresh alternatives. Another plus, eating well can also ease other period symptoms too!

Let us know your tips for managing hormonal breakouts! Tweet us @totmorganic

Written by Fee, Marketing Executive at TOTM

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