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How many eggs are in your basket?

Easter is upon us and we’re all busy enjoying a well-earned extended weekend, indulging in our favourite chocolate variety of eggs! Which leads us to the question; have you ever given much thought to your own eggs?

Did you know that we’re actually born with all of our eggs? That’s right. From the day we’re born, we have all the eggs we’re ever going to use – in one (or, rather, two) ovary shaped baskets!

The vast majority of these eggs, which actually start out as follicles, will perish during our reproductive years. During each period around one thousand of these follicles are naturally lost and usually only one follicle will grow into a proper egg (or ovum). So, out of the two million or so follicles we’re born with, only around 450 will ever mature into eggs waiting to be fertilised. Crazy huh?!

Our eggs significantly decrease by our mid-thirties to around 25 thousand and our fertility will start to dip. Over time, our ability to conceive a healthy pregnancy declines as our eggs become more fragile. Of course our health also has a lot to do with our fertility and maintaining a good balanced diet and lifestyle is an important factor.

By the time we reach the ages of 45 to 55 our last remaining follicles are not likely to mature due to the hormonal changes that are occurring with the onset of menopause. Once our stock of eggs has been exhausted we will be in full menopause.

…Now back to the chocolate!

Sheridan, from Jersey.

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