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Going Organic: Is it worth it?

Sometimes changing your buying habits can feel like an effort. You’ve bought the same brand for years, you’re used to the cost etc. Is going organic worth it? We spoke to TOTM Customer Helen Neary to hear her thoughts on this topic.

“There are many reasons why you can find yourself in a habitual buying rut. Especially when it comes to tampons and pads. Perhaps you prefer the mainstream brand because it’s well established, you like the design or you only choose to experiment if there is a cheaper brand on the market. I was admittedly in this situation before. The thing is when it comes to buying period products, you just want something that does its job well.

I found before that when I did experiment occasionally with other brands it always ended in disappointment. Basically, to call it out – I kept getting thrush. Or what felt a lot like thrush.  Especially during or just after a period. In my case, after nearly every period I had to spend £10 on thrush relief. I had come to accept this as ‘normal.’


Do these thrush-like symptoms sound familiar to you?

If you’re reading this, nodding along then you will be very intrigued to hear that in my case it wasn’t me, it was the tampons I was using! I found out that my brand of choice was made with synthetic fibres and contained harsh chemicals. You would NEVER choose to place these in your body so I was disappointed to hear they were inside my tampon.

When I spoke to my sister, it turns out she had this irritation too. It was around this time that I discovered TOTM and learned all about the synthetic fibres in standard tampons. I also found out that not all mainstream brands are cruelty-free!


I decided to give TOTM a try:

Admittedly I was skeptical. But I have to say, despite my best intentions of proving them to be no better than mainstream brands, I am fully converted. After taking the plunge with one month’s supply I saw a difference using organic cotton. No thrush, no unexpected irritation. The tampons performed well and the pads BREATHE. They were a joy to use.

It’s an extra £1 per box but after switching to these products I couldn’t help feeling virtuous. They are cruelty-free, the cotton is 100% organic and there are no chemical additives. I did have concerns that the cotton wool would leave residue behind and if you’re thinking the same, fear not! That has been taken care of by a designed sheath of cotton mesh so nothing will stay in there.

I’m also actually saving money! There has been no need to buy thrush relief to treat post-period thrush symptoms. It has all stopped! So even though organic cotton is a little more expensive, it’s still a lot cheaper than what I was spending before.


Buying your tampons online:

TOTM are an online brand, which is again different to what many of us are used to. On their website, you pick out what you need according to your flow and set the dates and frequency to suit your cycle. In my experience, the system is smooth. It’s a straightforward process and I found it easy to adapt. I also love that when the tampons/pads are delivered they are in discreet packaging.

I’ve become a huge advocate for TOTM and even ended up buying a tote. When I first saw the slogan, “Be Kinder to Your Vagina” I spat out my tea and laughed but…it’s just so true. I use it to carry around my daily items and you should see how many people smile at me now! I even got a ‘girl power’ gesture from an elderly lady on the bus the other day.

When proudly carrying my tote, and supporting TOTM I love knowing that I’m using cruelty-free products and I have found a way to have a more comfortable time of the month.


So, is it worth it?

I think my answer is obvious and I challenge you to give it a go. The TOTM team are a friendly, chatty bunch and can offer you advice if you need it. Most importantly, if you do switch to organic let me know how it goes!”

Thanks to Helen Neary for telling us her story! If you’re interested in finding out more about TOTM products, browse here or chat to us on social.


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