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Get ready for our #FestivePeriodHacks

So, the countdown to Christmas has started and December is going to be a very busy month…Then your period arrives and brings with it a load of uncomfortable symptoms. We got your back with our #FestivePeriodHacks

It all starts on 24th November when Black Friday arrives, and the Christmas countdown begins. So, what are these #FestivePeriodHacks? You will have to wait and see but here’s an exclusive sneak preview.

#FestivePeriodHacks: Why do you need them?

Here’s an example: Your period is due, and your skin has gone WILD. Hormonal breakouts have taken over your chin and the work Christmas party is a few days away. You need a hack to get you through this festive period drama.

That’s when we sweep in! With a hack that includes an expert tip saving tip, and a giveaway with a vegan skincare brand that can soothe your temperamental skin.

These hacks are fun, diverse, informative, linked to your period and most importantly themed to this busy, cold, festive time of the year!

#FestivePeriodHacks: What can you expect?

We’ve kind of given this away above but here’s another little preview for you! We’ve partnered with several really-exciting brands including; People Tree, Conscious Chocolate, FUR oil and Skin & Tonic to run themed giveaways and flash promo codes.

Additionally, we’ve consulted with experts including hormonal health expert nutritionist Angelique Panagos to provide you with exclusive tips, and ideas to manage uncomfortable period symptoms!

#FestivePeriodHacks: How can you join in?

The hacks run between 24th November all the way to Christmas! There are 12 in total. A nod to the 12 days of Christmas.

Some hacks run for 1 day, some run for 3 days but all of them launch on social at approx 12 pm on set days throughout December. Here are the scheduled dates for each hack:

– Hack 1: 24th November until 27th November
– Hack 2: 28th November until 29th November
– Hack 3: 30th November until 3rd December
– Hack 4: December 4th only
– Hack 5: 5th December until 6th December
– Hack 6: 7th December until 10th December
– Hack 7: December 11th only
– Hack 8: 12th December until 13th December
– Hack 9: 14th December until 17th December
– Hack 10: December 18th only
– Hack 11: 19th December until 20th December
– Hack 12: 21st December until 23rd December

So, keep your eyes peeled on our social channels (Instagram’s a big one). In addition to our socials, some hacks land in your email inbox. Subscribers, get lots of extra ‘perks’ this month so now is the perfect time to set time aside and sign up to TOTM repeat orders (if you haven’t done so already).

#FestivePeriodHacks: Hack number one

And on that note, we launch our first #FestivePeriodHack! The next few weeks are going to be mega busy. For a hassle-free festive period subscribe to TOTM and get your order delivered in line with your cycle! A clever convenience hack that means you won’t run the risk of getting caught short. We’re giving all new subscribers who join us between 24th November and 26th November an exclusive 20%* off their first subscription. (T&C’S APPLY)

If you already have a TOTM subscription, then you’re already one step ahead. But we’re not leaving you out! This hack celebrates our subscription, so we are giving all active subscribers 30% off TOTM accessories. Get your hands on our ‘Be Kinder to Your Vagina’ totes, cosmetic purses and mirrors. Gift yourself or gift a friend!

Enjoy the #FestivePeriodHacks! Hack 2 launches 28th November, don’t miss it. Follow us on Instagram, Facebook and Twitter.

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