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Get a Healthy Boost: TOTM Collab with Teatime


It’s cold, the evenings are dark, and your immune system is about to be put through its paces!

Did you know that flu viruses spread more readily in dry, chilly weather? This explains why flu bugs seem to be difficult to avoid during the Winter months.

Strengthening your immune system is important to defend against the Winter bugs! But, bad news, menstruation can make this more of a challenge. According to our expert consultant gynaecologist, Ms Anne Henderson your period can affect your immune system. Ms Henderson explains, “In the luteal phase of the cycle – from ovulation to the start of a period – the high oestrogen levels which peak mid-cycle have an immunosuppressant effect to prepare the body for possible conception and implantation of an embryo.”

In addition to these changes in the body, PMS can also be blamed for a weakened immune system. As Ms Henderson further explains, “many people suffer from PMS physical and emotional stressed prior to a period, due to the surge in progesterone levels amongst other factors. This, in turn, can affect the immune system and further increase their susceptibility to infection”.


Give your body a boost:

To stay strong this Autumn/Winter it’s important to look after yourself, especially in the lead up to/during your period. Nourish your body with wholesome, nutrient-rich meals. Get plenty of sleep, and if you start to feel rundown, hit the PAUSE button on life (and PLAY button Netflix…)
Sometimes even stopping for a warming cup of tea can do wonders for your health. That’s why this month, we’re pairing with natural, artisan tea brand, teatime, to give our active subscribers an exclusive discount!


TOTM collab with Teatime:

Teatime are an emerging brand, with a range of natural, chemical-free and caffeine-free pure bud teas! They have a range of natural tea blends including Lemmune Superboost, which has won the Great Taste award 2017.
We’re teaming up with teatime to give our active subscribers 25%* off their first teatime order. Which is also available on subscription! But that’s not all. We have a few teatime selection boxes to give away, which include 8 of their delicious tea blends. A handful of our subscribers will be selected at random to receive a surprise box of gourmet tea in their November TOTM order*.

Tea blends and health:

Herbal teas are not only ideal to warm up your body, and help you unwind, depending on the blend they can be good for your health. Here are our top 3 herbal ingredients to look out for to boost your health:



Lemongrass tea is full of antioxidants which cleanse the body and flush toxins. It also has antifungal properties which can help you battle cold/flu viruses and in addition, it’s packed with vitamin C.  No wonder the teatime Lemmune Superboost tea contains lemongrass as a key ingredient.



Ginseng has numerous health benefits. It’s well known for its anti-inflammatory properties. This means ginseng is ideal to for treating high-stress levels. Stress is bad news for your immune system so a warming dose of ginseng during stressful times can be really beneficial to your health. Additionally, ginseng is excellent at fighting cold/flu viruses if you do start to feel rundown.


Goji berries

These ‘superfood’ berries are a great source of vitamin C, iron, vitamin b2 and other antioxidants. So, not only do these berries flush toxins, they are also packed with nutrients that can support the immune system.

Look out for your teatime flyer/promo code in your order TOTM subscribers! And let us know if you’re lucky enough to receive a full box of these natural tea blends. Tweet us @totmorganic or tag us in your Insta post.


*TOTM and teatime have collaborated to give TOTM subscribers an exclusive 25% off promo code. To receive this promo, you must have an active subscription. To claim your discount, go to and enter the promo code at the checkout. Promo codes will be included on a flyer with active subscriber orders dispatched in November. For online use only and the promo code is limited to one use p/customer. In addition to the promo flyer, 4 TOTM subscribers will be selected at random to receive a surprise selection box of my teatime tea blends in their order dispatched in November. This promotion has been created by my teatime. my teatime products are subject to availability, and TOTM have no control over or responsibility for these products. Both my teatime and TOTM have the right to withdraw this promotion and any further promotions at any time and without permission or notice.

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