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Dull dry skin around the time of your period?

The Nip + Fab team recommends their favourite hydrating & plumping products

People often talk about experiencing oily skin and breakouts around the time of their period. This is a common symptom of PMS and tends to occur in the second half of your cycle when your body starts to produce more progesterone. Progesterone causes the production of oil that acts as a natural lubricant for our skin – but also clogs up pores and leads to classic “period skin”. Our activated charcoal face mask was developed to soak up that excess oil and keep your skin clear.

However, this isn’t the only issue that our cycle can throw at our skin. When our period arrives – that’s day one of our cycle – our skin can often feel dry and dull-looking, and lines or wrinkles can appear more obvious. This is because, at this point in your cycle, both sex hormones, progesterone, and estrogen are low. Estrogen spurs the production of collagen, elastin & hyaluronic acid within the body – all the good stuff that makes our skin feel plumped and glowing.

Nip + Fab recommend for dry skin

The start of your cycle is the perfect time for some self-care. We asked our friends at Nip + Fab to recommend their favourite products that can help our skin stay hydrated and plump during these first few days of our period:

Daily Cleansing Pads

Glycolic Fix Daily Cleansing Pads

What are they? 60 radiance-boosting pads, soaked in exfoliating glycolic acid (2.8%) retexture + resurface skin whilst witch hazel helps to tone.

Why they work for dry skin: This moisturising formula with hyaluronic acid + soothing blue daisy helps to reveal brighter + smoother looking skin.

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Dragon’s Blood Fix Serum Extreme

What is it? An intensive serum that can leave your skin feeling smooth whilst also plumping the appearance of fine lines, resulting in a fresh and dewy complexion.

Why it works for dry skin: Nip + Fab’s iconic plumping and moisturising serum can soothe, plump and revive the skin using hyaluronic acid to hydrate.

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Vitamin C Fix Cleanser

What is it? This daily use gentle cleanser helps to protect skin from everyday environmental pollutants whilst revealing clearer brighter skin. Wash away dirt and impurities and leave skin refreshed and glowing.

Why it works for dry skin: Vitamin C helps to brighten dull skin while panthenol moisturises and hydrates.

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Nourishing SPF 30 Moisturiser

What is it? A gentle daily moisturiser containing SPF 30, tailored to dry and textured skin for maximum hydration and protection.

Why it works for dry skin: The hyaluronic acid helps to restore your skin’s moisture levels whilst bio-water bamboo works to help soften any dry skin you may have.

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