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Dealing with periods at school

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Let’s face it, periods can be a real pain, especially when you are unprepared! Many schools teach nothing about menstruation so for young girls, it can feel like a bit like navigating a minefield.

To help you, I’ve got some helpful tips to make that time of the month slightly less irritable.

  • Always keep a few pads or tampons in your bag or locker as most schools don’t bother installing machines that dispense these items. Often they are kept in the nurse’s office, or as a friend of mine told me, in the Head-Teachers office – awkward! As someone who has had to ask before I urge you to remember your own. Life is easier that way!
  • Pack enough supplies that you can give a one up to a friend in need if necessary. The only way to avoid having to go to the school nurse to pick up period supplies if you didn’t bring your own is to hope against hope a friend has one. Be that friend. Keep one spare and you could really help someone having a seriously bad day.
  • Find out your school’s rules on painkillers. Are you allowed to keep some with you in your bag? Or, does the school have to take them in? Does your school keep a supply? It’s pretty important to know this information because you don’t want to be left wondering when you have severe period cramps.
  • Keep track of when your period is coming. Whether you mark it on your calendar or download a period tracker app, keep a record of your cycle so you can predict when its next due. That way you can plan accordingly and keep everything under control. I’d personally recommend an app for your phone, like Clue.

Hopefully these tips will help you feel a bit more confident at school and more prepared for when your period strikes.

By guest blogger Bethany Ainsworth-Coles. Check out her blog

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