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Clean beauty, body and everything in between!

Are you trying to switch to cleaner, greener products in 2018? We’re going to be giving you lots of ideas this February!

Clean beauty is not just confined to the contents of your makeup bag. When switching to natural and more sustainable alternatives, it’s essential to address everything. From your skincare to your body care and of course, your period care.

Why switch to cleaner products?

It’s all boils down to being kind to your body and kind to the environment. In my own experience, I found it was a no-brainer to start thinking about the products I was using on my body. We apply this way of thinking to the food we eat, so why not to the products we use in the shower?  Or the products we use every month on our periods?

When making the switch to natural products I also consider sustainability. Haunted by images from programmes such as Blue Planet, I try to seek out more eco-friendly alternatives. Whether that’s a product with less plastic or a product that is biodegradable.

Noticing a difference…

The best thing, based on my own experience, about switching to natural, sustainable products is that you do not compromise on results. I found it was the opposite in all honesty!

For example, I read up about sodium lauryl sulfate, an ingredient used in many cosmetics and body care products. I saw online that there is much debate over how safe and sustainable this ingredient is. I also read that it was linked to skin irritation. My skin is prone to dryness and I was experiencing a bit of irritation on my forehead. So, after this very loose research, I made the effort to seek out a natural product without this ingredient. I switched to an Aloe Vera based creamy cleanser and noticed a difference in the texture and feel of my skin. I was completely sold!

Ready to switch but where do you start?

The problem I encountered is knowing not just what to watch out for, but also where to look for alternatives! Clean beauty is a rising topic, but when I was shopping for products I found it a bit tasking.

My best advice is to do your research; look up ingredients for every product you use, find your brands (Instagram is a great starting point), confer with your friends and look for reviews. Don’t be afraid to email brands asking specific questions about products. It’s important to know what you’re using.


TOTM partner with the Natural Deo Co

To help you enter the world of clean beauty/body we’ll be giving lots of tips this month on TOTM socials. We’re also thrilled to partner with Natural Deo Co! TOTM subscribers (with orders dispatching between 1st to 28th Feb) will receive a 6ml* sample of the lemon + geranium clean deodorant balm.

These balms are handmade in England. They are natural and non-toxic. The Lemon + Geranium balm contains organic coconut oil, fair-trade shea butter and essential oils (no synthetic fragrance or perfumes).

If you’re yet to subscribe, you can select a ‘monthly’ repeat order subscription after selecting your products. With a TOTM subscription, you get your orders delivered ready for your period. No additional fees and you can pause or cancel anytime! Plus, you get extra treats from time to time (like this one from Natural Deo Co).

Look out for your sample subscribers! And remember to access tips and join in the conversation by following us on socials. Clean beauty goals! – Instagram, Twitter and Facebook.


*A 6ml sample of Natural Deo Co’s Lemon + Geranium Clean Balm will be added to all active subscriber orders from 1st Feb until 28th February. To receive a sample, you must have an active subscription and an order dispatching in February. You can update your delivery dates and edit your order in your account dashboard. This offer is available to both new, existing and reactivated subscribers who have an order dispatched between 1st – 28th February.  Limited to one sample p/customer.  Natural Deo Co samples are subject to availability, and TOTM has no control over or responsibility for these products. Both Natural Deo Co and TOTM have the right to withdraw this promotion and any further promotions at any time and without permission or notice.  All customers are responsible for checking ingredients carefully before using skin care samples to check it fits with dietary requirements and allergy requirements. 

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