Cruelty free tampons for Veganuary

Seeing as it’s Veganuary, which aims to reduce the suffering of animals by inspiring and supporting people across the globe to go vegan for the month of January, our Operations Manager, Brooke wanted to take this opportunity to address the topic of animal cruelty in the femcare sector.

A quick warning before you read on; if you’re not already aware of the animal testing problem in the health and cosmetics industry, prepare to be outraged by this overlooked atrocity.

Even before working for TOTM, animal testing is something I’ve been passionately against for a while. As a real animal lover, I recently had a crisis of conscience and challenged myself to go vegan. It’s actually been a lot easier than expected, but it has made me conscious of a much wider issue. Should I only use products that are not tested on animals? And is it even possible?

Surely this would be easy – animal testing is a thing of the past, right? Living cruelty-free should be a doddle… or so I thought.

I appreciate products need to be determined safe for humans, but in today’s modern world we must have found a way to do this without testing on animals?

“Surely, they don’t literally put tampons in animals”

Turns out it’s not quite that straightforward, even when it comes to feminine hygiene products. When there is huge public support of cruelty-free brands and products, it’s strange that this area is often left out of the discussion.

Perhaps it’s people disbelief. Surely, they don’t literally put tampons in animals? That would be revolting. However, this is exactly what happens. In fact, in most cases, it’s far worse. Millions of terrified rabbits and dogs have up to five(!) tampons stuffed into their vaginas each day. How is this barbaric practice still legal? It’s absolutely beyond me.

Surely the logical thing for these huge corporations would be to remove all potentially harmful chemicals and synthetic fibres from their products, and replace them with natural, organic cotton? Then there would be no need to subject these defenceless animals to the traumatic and horrific ordeals they experience each day, throughout the duration of their poor little lives. 

“our products are 100% vegan”

If you’re using some of the mainstream brands of pads or tampons, you could unknowingly be supporting animal testing.

This is why I’m immensely proud to work for TOTM. If you read our blog regularly, you’ll be aware of our organic and sustainable credentials. But for me personally, the fact that our products are 100% vegan, and never tested on animals is a reason all to itself to love our company.

Next time it's your time of the month, I urge you to consider using a product that you know has not been inserted into little bunnies.

Switch to cruelty free tampons, pads and liners here.

Brooke Allan, Operations Manager.