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9 Wanderlust Locations You Need to Add to Your Bucket List

One of my favourite past times is admiring dreamy locations and adding them to my bucket list. There are so many beautiful places that aren’t as well known, but leave you with wanderlust.

It was hard to narrow it down to 9, but I’m here to share with you some of the most beautiful places I’ve come across. Unfortunately, I am yet to visit them (sigh).

Got that wanderlust feeling? Discover these 9 breath-taking locations:

If you end up booking a holiday/travelling adventure after reading this blog, then I salute you.

Moraine Lake – Canada

Moraine Lake is so picturesque it doesn’t even look real. It’s a glacially fed lake in Banff National Park, situated in the valley of the Ten Peaks in Alberta, Canada. The lake stands out because of its distinctive bright shade of blue. Glacial rock flour is continually deposited in the lake. The refraction of light off this rock flour makes it this distinct blue. The hotter it gets, the bluer the lake gets, as the glaciers melt. The best time to visit is around late June. You can sit and admire the picturesque view or take part in activities such as canoeing, hiking and walking.


Renaissance Island – Aruba

Renaissance Island or Flamingo Island is at the top of my wanderlust bucket list. Sun, sea, sand and actual real flamingos, what more could you want? You can roam this beach surrounded by crystal clear water and flamingos – It’s Instagrammable to say the least. This secluded island is exclusive to Renaissance Aruba Resort guests. You can either stay at the resort or you can pay to gain access to the island. The fact it isn’t accessible to everyone makes it even more appealing, as it isn’t overcrowded and overrun with tourists.


Blue Lagoon – Iceland

Now you are likely to have heard of the Blue Lagoon. But, I am so desperate to visit it! If you don’t know what the Blue Lagoon is, it’s a geothermal spa in Iceland. It’s set in the heart of Icelandic landscape. The water has three active ingredients – Silica, Algae and Minerals. The iconic blue colour comes from the sunlight reflecting off the silica. The water temperature is approx. 37 degrees and renews itself every 40 hours. Bathing in this mineral-rich water can apparently help with skin problems.


Kakslauttanen Arctic Resort – Finland

This resort is home to an array of incredible glass igloos. Arctic nature surrounds these thermal glass igloos, making the perfect backdrop. You can spend the evenings in these admiring the Northern Lights. If you want something a bit bigger, you can stay in your own private wood chalet. This resort is home to the world’s largest smoke sauna. Oh and you can also go on husky and reindeer safaris. How amazing does this place sound?!aurora-borealis-2163332_1920

Lago Di Braies – Italy

Lago Braies is a vibrant lake situated in the Prags Dolomites in South Tyrol, Italy. It has a similar vibe to Moraine Lake aka unbelievably picturesque. You can stroll around the lake and admire the beautiful colour, swim in it or take a little romantic cruise on a boat. You can also go hiking and admire the lake from up above. These activities allow you to relax and re-charge by breathing in the fresh mountain air. It is renowned for being breath-taking.


Jungle Hideout – Bali

This is SO different to your standard accommodation. It’s a unique, little all-bamboo house in Bali, Indonesia known as the ‘Hideout’. It reminds me of the jungle book. There are views of wildlife, rice fields and a river. It’s perfect for those looking for a relaxing, solitude getaway. It isn’t surrounded by other houses or shops, which allows you to truly be at one with yourself and nature.

Cherry Blossom Trees Kyoto – Japan

This is very different to the usual hustle and bustle areas in Japan. It looks so magical. Cherry blossom trees surround you as you stroll through the park in Kyoto, Japan. The best time to visit is the end of March or start of April, when the cherry blossoms bloom.


Big Lagoon – El Nido

I’m not sure why in particular, but I have always been desperate to go to the Philippines. Big Lagoon in El Nido, Palawan, Philippines looks so breath-taking and beautiful. Limestone cliffs surround turquoise waters, which meet white sand. It makes the most perfect sight. This tranquil lagoon is the perfect relaxation spot. If you are someone who can’t sit still, you can swim in the water or set out on a boat. You can also engage in scuba-diving or snorkelling to immerse yourself in the lagoon.


Bodmin Moor – Cornwall

Who says you have to travel for miles and miles to fulfil your bucket list? Bodmin Moor, Cornwall is home to unique and quirky treepods known as ‘Lost Meadow Treepods’. These are a unique take on your regular camping experience. Spherical tree pods are suspended in the air among the trees. These are also perfect for star watching as they have a ceiling window. This is the perfect little relaxing getaway. Explore the nature and 20 acres of land that surrounds it, or relax in the hammock below the pod.

Excuse me whilst I just quickly run off and book my next adventure. If this has left you with wanderlust and got you feeling inspired too, drop us a comment below or let us know your favourite location on Twitter (@totmorganic).

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