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6 Ways to up Your Bath Game


There’s a chill in the air as we have officially entered the colder side of the year. Time for blankets, streaming hot lattes and BATHS of course.

After a long day of working in a cold office, dodging puddles on the way to the train or suffering from Winter flu, nothing beats a long, relaxing bath. But don’t just soak in the tub, take time to bathe like a queen.

Have you been guilty of ‘basic bathing’?

You could be missing out. Sitting in a bath with deflated bubbles and not even a bath oil or candle in sight. That is basic, my friend. But do not fret, you can turn this around and up your bath game. Take time out for yourself, and give these tips a go:

Prepare to relax:

See your bathroom as a sacred space to relax. Clear away any clutter, and get your post-bath essentials ready. Include, a warm towel, comfortable clothes (to put on after bathing) and a rich body soufflé to slather on your skin post-soak. We love these from Miss Patisserie. If you have the facilities, put a relaxing playlist on Spotify to create a zen atmosphere.  Another idea is to use a bath caddy and bring a herbal tea (or wine, ahem), favourite book or magazine into your bath.

Comforting scents:

Candles create a calm atmosphere and a relaxing glow in place of harsh ceiling lights. Opt for soy wax candles, for a cleaner alternative to paraffin wax, and choose your scents wisely. If you’re suffering from a low mood, try candles with uplifting essential oils. Zesty scents such as sweet orange or lime are perfect to lift your mood. Alternatively, if you need to calm your mind, go for lavender or eucalyptus candles. This aromatherapy practice can really elevate your bathing experience.

Recipe of calmness:

Approach your bath the way you would approach a recipe. Adding little bits of product to create a super-chill soak. Get creative. Try a mixing your favourite essential oil based bath oils, or combine salts with an oil. Consider how you want to feel when you leave the bath, and add products that will help you achieve that feeling. Also, consider your skin. If your suffering from dry, winter skin, opt for products that will nourish your skin and avoid irritants such as fragrance/perfumes.

Skin therapy:

A little bit of light scrubbing is great for your skin. It lifts away dead skill cells, to revive your skin. Top tip here is to know your scrubs! If you have sensitive skin try a sugar scrub. If you have aching muscles then salt scrubs are coarser but have excellent healing properties. Start from your feet and work your way up to your shoulders and arms, buffing your skin in circular motions. Not a fan of scrubs?  Try using a natural, eco-friendly sponge or loofah to gently massage your skin. Let the oils in the water nourish and soothe your skin.

Calm your mind:

So, you’re sat in a lovely warm bath. Your skin feels softer and your muscles are starting to relax. Now’s the time to enjoy it and calm your mind. Shake off thoughts of work, relationship dramas and things you need to ‘sort out.’ Focus on breathing properly. Place your arms on the sides of the bath and breathe deep down into your stomach. Let your breathing flow naturally but try to take 10 belly-deep breaths. Breathing techniques can soothe stress and anxiety in the body. Use your bath time to practise these in a comfortable environment.

Stay positive:

Don’t feel you should rush your bath routine. Leave whenever you are ready and do so slowly to keep your body relaxed. When you leave the tub, think of something positive that has happened in your day. Even if it’s something small. By focusing on small positives, it can help us let go of negativity. Think of this positive thought as you carry out your post-bath routine – dry, moisturise and get dressed. This way you are looking after your body and also calming your mind.

You’re now all set to be a bath time boss! Goodbye basic baths, hello relaxing super-soaks which are excellent for your overall wellbeing. Share these tips on social and tag in @totmorganic. Got some bath time tips? Be a friend and drop us a comment below!

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