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5 reasons to love your period

Sure, it drops in on you at inopportune moments. Governs your travel, sports and even your love life. It causes you pain, determines what colour of clothes you wear, and even controls your mood. But periods are powerful and if you plan a little, they can be (relatively) hassle-free – never fun, but not so bad!

  1. They’re natural and say that you’re a woman. It may sound cheesy but embrace it. We share this commonality every single month and its fun to have inside jokes with friends that men know nothing about for once. Girls 1, Boys 0.
  2. They show that you’re ovulating and healthy. The reason ‘Aunt Flo’ comes to visit is not to ruin your week but to help clean things out and give your life longevity. She’s not too terrible for that now is she?
  3. They give you a valid excuse to really take care of yourself – and wear leggings 24/7. Snack shamelessly, be sassy, cancel plans you don’t want to keep. This is you time. Make the most of it.
  4. If you’re fancy free and want to stay that way (at least for now) they are a sure sign that you are not pregnant *breathes sigh of relief* And if you are trying to conceive, having a period is at least a step in the right direction – it’s a marker that allows you to plan when you’ll be at your most fertile in the coming cycle.
  5. We’re in an age where there is plenty of choice of what you use to manage your period. Not all women around the world have this luxury so count yourself lucky. Just one of those options is 100% organic cotton tampons, pads and liners and a subscription service which delivers them to your door. Who doesn’t love a delivery turning up just at the right time of the month to save the day?!

Be kinder to your vagina and have a happier period.

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