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4 period-proof vegan comfort foods


Periods and cravings tend to come hand in hand. If you are vegan or dairy-free, it can sometimes be difficult to find tasty treats to satisfy these cravings. But, we’ve got your back. Our social, comms and content exec Alex has put together a list of period-proof vegan comfort foods.

About 8 months ago I went dairy-free. This was mainly for health reasons, as my skin was breaking out all the time. I found this so difficult at first and couldn’t see how things could be tasty without all the dairy. But I began experimenting with alternatives and was definitely proved wrong. I discovered so many comfort foods that satisfied my cravings without affecting my skin – win-win!

Luckily, shops and restaurants are continually expanding their product ranges and options. There are a lot more vegan alternatives, which taste as good as the standard option. This means you don’t have to compromise on taste! So, let’s take a look at some vegan tasty treats for you to enjoy on your period (to satisfy those cravings).


Conscious chocolate:

If you follow us on socials, you may have come across Conscious chocolate before. They do the most delicious chocolate bars in all different flavours. The best part? They are all vegan, handmade, organic, raw, gluten free, soya free and free of refined sugar. But, by no means does this compromise the taste. These bars melt in your mouth and are SO moreish. They are also made with biodegradable and compostable packaging. What’s not to love?


Double chocolate cookies:

Another chocolate-based comfort food, as after all who doesn’t crave chocolate on their period? Plus, turns out there’s science behind the cravings. I came across these double chocolate freezer cookies on Instagram. The recipe is from plant-based recipe developer Gina Burgess. It’s hard to believe they contain no dairy as they taste DELICIOUS. They are also completely gluten-free and super quick to make! All you need is nut butter, coconut oil, cacao powder and oats (opt for gluten-free if needed). Head here for the recipe.



Pizza is another one of my go-to meals when the cravings hit. The good news is, you don’t have to avoid pizza if you are looking for vegan comfort foods. You can make vegan pizza at home or there are loads of restaurants that now do pizzas with dairy-free cheese. I’ve tried a fair few dairy-free cheeses and not been a huge fan. But the pizzas I’ve tried from restaurants with dairy-free cheese have been amazing! In fact, I actually prefer the dairy-free cheese. My top tip would be to choose a pizza with a herb tomato sauce, tons of sautéed veggies, pizza seasoning, vegan parmesan and lots of garlic for added flavour! I love this recipe from minimalist baker.


Loaded potato skins:

Potatoes have always been a personal favourite comfort food of mine. These loaded potato skins from Deliciously Ella are full of flavour. The recipe swaps out cheese for cashew sour cream and guacamole. This combined with the garlic infused tomatoes and black beans leave you with a filling and flavoursome comfort food. I always bake the potatoes for a bit longer to make sure they’re extra crispy! Find the recipe here.

What are your go-to period-proof vegan comfort foods? I’d love to hear them! Or have you tried any of these? Let us know in the comments below or tweet us @totmorganic.

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